Character Select panel shows up too late

When it comes to selecting my character, most times other players have already chosen thiers before I even see the character panel/menu. It also says ‘random’ for me and all other players, ‘selecting’

I know that at least one other person has this problem but cannot find their post here. Guessing it must be rare, does anyone else have this problem? It’s a pretty serious problem for fairness of selection. Hope they don’t ignore it.


I normally get in a bit late too, you basically choose your character when you connect so whoever connects first gets to pick first.

Also on other peoples’ screens you will be shown as ‘selecting’ and they will be ‘random’, you just show up as random because that’s the first option so it’s what your cursor is over.

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I’ve had it happen a few times that when the character selection screen opens, someone already has their character selected. Not sure what’s up with that, other than maybe a slight latency issue?

To OP: do you have any problems with lag once the game proper starts, or is it only in character selection that you appear to be last in?

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No lag in game and my NAT type is open too. Generally speaking I have a really got connection and latency. Glad it’s not just me, hoping they do a check to see everyone’s fully loaded, then activate the character choice panel.

Can someone from Gearbox tell us if they are at least aware of this issue? Thanks in advance.

Yea this is gonna be a big problem. Alamo came out today and to play her I have to play PVE only!


This is an actual issue. I experience this every single PvP game. After paying attention for a while and tracking the numbers, I am fairly sure that it is based on how many characters that you have unlocked.

I play a good amount of games with my brother. We both play on PS4 in the same room with our tv’s next to each other. I had already unlocked every character by the time my brother was rank 18 or so. That was when I noticed that I always, and I mean always, got to select my character after him. We were on the same connection, so I couldn’t figure it out. I main Marquis (and I’m trying to master Rath and Alani right now), and I’d routinely get beat out for Marquis by someone who was a much lower rank than me. It was frustrating. Then I noticed something. As my brother ranked up, the difference between how long he had to wait for his character select and how long I had to wait was narrowing. My brother is now rank 39 or 40, and it takes him the same amount of time before the character select panel shows up as it takes me. This was my major evidence that the number of characters unlocked affects it.

This was basically confirmed for me today with the release of Alani. I’ve played a couple PvE matches with her and I really enjoy her character. However, I have only been able to play her in PvP once. Why? I routinely have a few teammates that are lower ranked than me. And not just lower ranked, but below rank 40. And who is the fastest to select Alani each game? The lowest or second lowest ranked person on the team. It’s generally the same for the opposing team too. Start paying attention to it, you’ll likely see the same result. The people that generally get to play Alani each match are the ones that haven’t unlocked as many characters.

I find this system to be very frustrating. Why am I getting punished for having played more? As a loyal fan of the game who bought the digital deluxe version and has put in almost 70 hours of in game play time, and one who would gladly pay for micro-transactions if they existed in the game just so I could support the developers, I should not be getting punished for playing the game more or getting it earlier than others. We should all have the same time to select characters, that way it can be varied more (and I could “outspeed” someone to the Alani select if I hustle).

I apologize for the rant. I just find it frustrating that I am unable to select Alani. I can only use her in story because the game allows more than one of the same character in PvE. Please give me an actual opportunity to select Alani.

EDIT: I just noticed that this is in the XB1 support section. I found the topic by searching, so I didn’t pay attention to that. As I said, I play on PS4, so this isn’t just an XB1 issue. Can this be moved to the general support area?

You have a good eye! I’m guessing the reason for the delay is that a player with only a few characters unlocked could end up getting no choice at all if others take most of them first. So I’d see it as an intentional thing. It kinda sucks in that a LOT of people got to unlock Alani today, so of course they all want to play her. That will be a bit of an aberration though.

As far as being in the right or wrong place, at least you’ve answered the problem here! If you find a better location, you can always use the “+ Reply as linked topic” which should appear on the top-right side of your post when you mouse-over it.

Thanks for sharing this with us, however I submitted a ticket about this a few minutes ago, dog! But it sounds like it’s intentional, if so they are being very sly about it. Hope I get to the truth of it, although today even before I saw the character select screen someone had chosen Alani, happened twice so far. (By before the character screen I mean the map loading screen after voting).

From what I can gather, the map loading screen time is based on connection and loading speed. With faster connection, you will move on from the voting screen faster. And with faster loading speed, the map loading speed will obviously be faster. I replaced my PS4 stock hard drive a year ago with a higher capacity and greater rpm drive, and I seem to load through the map loading screen faster than my brother who is on the stock PS4 drive. The character select screen is where I get burnt.

Sigh, still waiting to play Alani in PvP again. 1 match out of 7 attempts so far. The only reason I’m rank 8 with her is because of PvE.

Yea, I submitted a ticket but didn’t get an answer. They did reply though thanking me for a simple suggestion; that being the server should check everyone’s loaded up then send a signal to all players consoles to show the character selection panel.