Character select screen: Marcus voiceover

Anyone know if there is some way to remove/mute the Marcus voiceover on the character select screen? It drives me nuts hearing him blather on when I mouse over each VH trying to find the mule I want or whatever…a robotic beast…a robotic beast…a robotic beast…a siren warrio…a mech sol…a mech sold…aaaaahhhhhhhh! STFU!


Moved to tech support (PC since you mentioned mouse).

This may actually be a PC-specific issue, since I’ve not heard Marcus’ narration when just selecting an existing character on XB1 - only when creating a new one?

No, it happens whenever you select a character on PC. Marcus gives you the same character details that you get when starting a new playthrough and picking a character when just hovering over any pre-existing character on PC and if you happen to have a lot of character, say a bunch of mules it starts overlapping and becomes really spammy.


OK - I’d actually file that one as a bug report.

Bug report? I just thought that is how the char select screen was supposed to work.

I agree, it is annoying.


It doesn’t do it on XB1 outside of New Character…

Unless it’s tied to the “Player callouts” setting?

+1 for the consoles on this one, then. :rofl:


lol. Score one for the consoles I guess. Small victory?

OK. Done.