Character Select Screen

I would love to see all my unlocked heroes together on one screen, & am requesting a select screen similar to the old Golden Axe game. I think that many would agree reviewing and comparing all the fantastic heroes is a key component to the whole experience of BattleBorn. Keep your existing select screen, but add an option to view all your unlocked characters at once in full 3D. They would all be standing on a large spinnable disc similar to the old Golden Axe select screen. (But with way more choices of course) I feel that would be awesome and dramatic way to see everyone standing there (even if it clipped off the characters receding on the left and right screen borders) I’m a professional toy designer who was involved with both Xevoz and Sigma 6 and I love the flavor and variety of all your characters in BattleBorn. -Kudos to the design team, Fantastic work!

Would slow down load times, making everyone cry. Think about that .45 second delay it has to load a single character. Multiply that by 26. Cool idea, but ain’t gonna happen. Plus, people like me who are already delayed in select (my girl on split screen can pick a solid 8 seconds before I can) would be forced to wait even longer.

Thats a good point, I should have titled the thread “Character Display Screen” or something. As a designer, I want to see all the characters at the same time, to really review the size differences and pour over the differences and similarities. The same way that a collection of action figures are best viewed together rather than separately. This isn’t something that we’d have time for during a multiplayer load anyway, it would probably be an option in “Command”

Ooh if you’re talking about the command screen that’d be dope. I like that :slight_smile: