Character selection screen idle animations

With the arrival of the new UI, are these gone forever now? I used to love hovering over Mellka at character select because of the incredibly sexy stance she took. And I know that other people enjoyed the various poses and rejection animations.

Has anyone found another menu where these exist? I ran through command screen, but it’s all the same “selected, ready for action” pose…

And yes, I did only just realize these were gone when the mood took me to gaze upon Mellka’s sexy swagger. Don’t judge.

I’d like these back as well.

Hey, I don’t really use Whiskey or Kleese but seeing the both of them fiddle about with their instruments was quite amusing.

Point being, I get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:2, topic:1555294, full:true”]
I’d like these back as well.


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I dunno why they remove things. First ult call outs (thank god they are back), now this and deluxe edition golden pads. What’s next? :worried:

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