Character Sheet Question

Not sure if this has been ask or discussed elsewhere but I couldn’t find it. Will BL3 have some sort of aggregate character sheet/stat page? I’m replaying through BL2 right now and I was just reminded how annoying it is that all these various stat buffs from many different sources (weapons, mods, skill tree, BA points, relics, ect.) but no way to see how they all come together. For instance, I’m currently playing an ignite based Maya but I have no way to see what my total chance to ignite is based on my various +ignite chance increases using any given gun.

So does anyone know if gun cards in BL3 will take into account stats gained from sources other than the gun itself? It didn’t seem like there was a character sheet or something similar, but maybe I just missed it.


I don’t think so, pretty sure you have to do the math yourself.


All elemental chances are recalculated and displayed when you look at loot in game (not main menu).

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Are you referring to BL3? I’m not seeing that in BL2. I currently have a gun that has a 24% chance to ignite and that number doesn’t change regardless of what I do. I disabled BA point bonuses, no change (to anything on the guns). Unequipped my mod that gives a +45% ignite chance, no change. Tried dropping the gun and looking at the card while it was on the ground, no change.

As far as I can tell, the gun cards are static.

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TPS has this feature.