Character skins not showing up on Vita

Hello all,

I recently bought a PS Vita and of course I had to have Borderlands 2 on it. I started playing with Gaige and all was well. But then I found a whole list of Shift codes and I put all of them in. This gave me about 80 golden keys, and some nice gear.

However: I noticed the Gaige as Moon Moxxi skin never showed up on my character. Now, I don’t really mind, BUT: After that, I also noticed that my bandit Blood 'n Rust (Earned or bought? Not sure) and my Jakobs Oldfashioned (Bought from Marcus in Sanctuary) didn’t show up either… I had them in my pack, I used them, it said ‘Skin unlocked’ but when I go to the machine they’re simply not there… Some others that I acquired before my Shift spree do work, like Vladof Revolution… Please tell me there is something I can do to regain my skin usage… :frowning:

Nobody? :frowning:

We still waiting that someone make patch that fix what ironGalaxy broke in game :wink:
maybe Gearbox make this for us :smiley:

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