Character Skins that actually change the look of the Character

So far the Skins in this game have been very disappointing. They are nothing more than different color schemes. Even the new skins that cost real money are just a play on color variations. Some of them look really cool, but they don’t really change the look of the character.

I know cosmetic items should be below balance issues and content on the priority list, but I would like to see some real Skins released. It just feels lazy to just change the color scheme, then charge real money for it. With the options available I haven’t even considered purchasing the new skins.

Just something I would like to see in the near future.

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Tier 1 skins are recolors. Tier 2 skins are texture changes. Tier 3 skins which we have no word on currently will be model changes. Don’t expect too much though, as keeping hit boxes the same is important.


…In PvE, which is all myself and our Steam groups play, no skins can be seen in the game, just the start screen.

Now that you mention the tier thing, i remember reading that awhile back.

You can have model changes without compromising the hit boxes. Even different clothes would be preferable. Not comparing the games, but Overwatch has big variation in skin changes without the hit boxes being a problem. I dont expect the physical model to change, but you can change things like hair, clothes, accessories without changing the physical presence of the character.

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Really? Weird. I don’t play much PvE, just enough to Gold all the missions on Insane difficulty. I also play on Xbox.

Yes, they will have model changes, just that they take a bit longer to animate differently and such. And Overwatch’s hitboxes are ridiculously generous, especially to such as Hanzo, a sniper.

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Exactly my thought. Overwatch has way too big hitzones around the actual model, which allow bigger changes in terms of skins, while Battleborn requires the player to actually aim properly (which made it unpopular with pretty much all players, who lack any kind of skill…as well as the more complex gameplay, which also repulsed the more simple minded gamers*).
Because of this even small changes on the model can be an advantage/ disadvantage and so skins wouldn’t be simply cosmetic.


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We have Insane difficulty? As far as I remember we only have normal and advanced difficulty with the hardcore option.

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In Germany it’s extreme so maybe there’s other differences like that

Don’t get me started on Hanzo! lol

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Advanced then, my bad. lol. I use the term insane for a lot of games higher difficulty. Too… much… Gears

I think its doable. There are alot of cosmetic changes that can be made to characters without having to change the character physically.

For example Montana. His minigun and pack could look entirely different, but still hold the same space and hitbox. Ghalt could have a completely different looking coat, and still hold the same space. Thorn’s hair could be a completely different style and still stay the same. The rings on Alani’s arms could look completely different, and still not effect her hitbox.

That’s my point. You can make major cosmetic changes and still keep the same physical space.