Character Skins

I’m just wondering, does anyone know how to get the “Candy Raver,” “Tropic Blunder,” “Maliwan Mood,” “Crimson Raiment,” and “Ship It” skins? They’re the only ones I’m missing and would really like to know if they’re even accessible to everyone and if so, how?


They are unobtainable.
Ship It is reserved only for GBX and is not included in total count of skins in QCS.

Here is general topic about heads and skins List of character skins and heads (including all DLCs)


Do we know by the way if these skins (except the Ship It) are bugged, or they were used for some showcase and that’s why are they unobtainable?

i actually got all those skins minus mood one as didnt know of that one from a drop lobby as items then again this was awhile ago.

Well, using save editor or other 3rd party tools you can spawn every item, but they are still not legit drops in game.

I don’t have any info about them being bugged or something, and I think they were in game since release.

yeah i dont have that kinda software myself but just get stuff from lobby’s nowadays it seems

So sad about them. Anyhow, I won’t use any kind of modding tools, but my OCD is killing me badly.