Character Specific Campaign Dialouge

As many of you know, certain heroes have specific dialogue that can be triggered in certain areas of the campaign. The best example of this is in the Void’s Edge mission, when Wolf asks you what you plan to do after the mission. There are many other instances of this, but I thought I’d make a thread, so we may all share in the humor.

The Renegade:

Galilea says something, but I’m always distracted when I get to that point as her. Someone do that.

The Archive:

Chronicle: A bunch of poems about spiders, written by OSCAR:MIKE.

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An awesome idea! :smiley:
I remembered there was an older topic to the matter and was lucky and found it again!

It had not many posts, but maybe @princevine and you would be okay with a merged topic for a bigger list?

I can contribute:

Char w. Special Dialogue Mission

Reyna ------------------------------------- Saboteur
Thorne/Montana ------------------- Voids Edge (Bookclub XD)
Galilea/WF ----------------------------- Voids Edge

On Saboteur if you are on team with Reyna she & Ghalt will have some dialogue. Ghalt tells about a ship Reyna stole from the Peacekeepers “and because she is Reyna, she hid it on Tempest” ^^

In Renegade, before the first defense point, Phoebe confesses her love of flying death robots and demonstrates her nerdiness by telling Caldarius’s powerarmor exact make and model.


I don’t recall if Ambra has any featured dialogue points like this. She talks a lot as you play her of course but not like these examples… does every character have moments like this?

They should