Character-Specific Dialogue. Do you exist?

So I have done countless runs through the story mode and I don’t know if I have ever gotten any of the character-specific dialogue to trigger. I’ve read a lot of the scripts on lowlidev and have brought the right characters but I only ever get the generic Nova/Kleese/Ghalt/whoever VOs.

So is it a bug that I never get them, or am I just REALLY unlucky?

If it has any bearing on the answer, I always play Private Story with a split-screen partner. (Which would suck if that opted me out of ever getting them but it wouldn’t be the first time that split-screeners got a bum deal in this game.) Can anyone else confirm that they have gotten them under these same conditions?

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I’ve gotten Benedict’s & Toby’s dialogue in a private session of The Saboteur. I’ve had Reyna’s there as well, but I can’t remember whether or not that waa in a private lobby.

Others I’ve had would be Thorn’s in The Experiment & El Dragòn’s in The Algorithm. I can’t remember all I’ve gotten on top of my head though.

The pieces of dialogue that I know for a fact thay I’ve never heard are all in The Sentinel. I’ve never heard Miko’s, Boldur’s or Thorn’s dialogue there. For quite a while I’ve been wanting to be a group of 4 and load into it as Miko, Boldur, Thorn and Mellka to see if at least any of the dialogue procs since I know some of them converse with each other, presumably requiring both the characters in the lobby.


Try Void’s Edge. There’s one point where basically everyone has a character-specific dialogue, after Wolf asks what everybody is doing after the mission he’s totally going to survive.

So far just the generic lines from Nova :frowning:

Huh. Okay, that’s a problem.


I’m willing to try this later if we can get the group together.


Sure enough, I got one of these to pop this weekend. Oscar Mike with the Wolf Sentry. So it turns out that there was nothing inherently wrong and up until this point I’ve just had the worst luck ever.

Wait a sec, it wasn’t even my character dialogue, it was my player 2’s…

I guess that my luck is still bottom-tier and that the game still hates me.

But hey, I got to hear one first-hand!


I ran through The Sentinel with Miko this weekend and I thought I heard some dialogue I’ve never noticed before!!!

It’s my favorite level and for S&G’s I decided to run through it with Miko out of boredom/curiosity/fun. It didn’t click in my head until just now when I read this post that The Old Sentinel and Miko would be prone to communicating.

I believe it was while flying through the air after hitting the first long jump pad before The Old Sentinel that I heard Miko say something where characters are normally silent. Like he/she/it was responding internally to something The Old Sentinel or Melka said. Wish I would have paid more attention


You’ll have to read through it, and I don’t know if it has all for the base character Dialogue (In the Void’s Edge section, it doesn’t have any of the DLC characters dialogue, I don’t know any more sections where all characters have a line besides than mission…), but it does have a lot.

Some notable sections are Phoebe in The Renegade and Toby and Reyna in The Saboteur. I haven’t experienced any of these for myself, I just found them in the link.