Character Specific Legendaries with random stats

So due to the loadout bug, I have made two accounts so I could actually use the gear I aquired. And in doing so I’ve found that stats on the legendaries aquired from the Lore Unlocks have random stats.

At this point I’m wondering, is the lore the only way to obtain these specific items? And if it is, why is it randomized? Please either give us a way to obtain / farm better versions of these legendaries or normalize them. I would even like to see a crafting system if possible.

Example of Random Stats:


That wasn’t random.

Completing the top-right lore challenge nets you a legendary specifically for that hero.

Far as I know, it’s the only way to get specific gear

Take a look at the stats. They’re random, 122 Max shield strength != 109 Max Shield Strength.

So if that’s the only way to get that Legendary, you can only do it once. And you just may end up with a ■■■■ legendary.

Actually, I got that exact same piece when I completed the lore challenge.

Why do you ignore the fact that the OP obviously got “the same” item twice with different stats? :expressionless:

… While I generally like the idea of random stats as it keeps you going and while I do not think that 1 or 2% will ever make that much of a difference in an encounter the OP has a valid concern.

If those items are obtainable only once then there should not be a random element to their bonuses!


Agreed, that’s kinda bad. At least we now know there’s a problem, please use fixed stats for items you only get once, it’s unfair otherwise.

Just throwing a bone out here but that looks more like a stat adjustment than a randomized number. They’ve been tweaking items here and there, and in the case of Orendi’s item just removed it completely for the time being. They don’t add notes for it among the patches but it just seems more likely it was just a reduction. Legendaries are meant to be very specific items.

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I’m sure if this game is anything like Borderlands there will be better items later on when playing the game on harder modes. They may even implement if it’s not built in the game already an OP game mode like Borderlands and you will replace these items soon enough.

These screen shots were taken back to back. If it was a stat adjustment, wouldn’t it effect both of them?

The items were obtained 8 hours apart, the screenshots were both took on Sunday. And to be honest 20 shield doesn’t bother me, it’s not a game breaking amount. But we don’t know the stat range that is possible and the fact you can only obtain it once is irksome.

Bunch of people kept experiencing the loadout bank falling out of date with the server, so maybe? Interesting thing I realized is both stats have roughly the same % reduction. That could just be a coincidence, of course.

Edit: In another thread I just ran through, someone had a screenshot from yesterday with the Item with roughly a 5% reduction from your first items’ stats. The second one you posted was roughly a 10-10.5% reduction.

It’s the same fall-off for both stats. So while not entirely random, there seems to be a range for the numbers? I wonder if it’s based on some unseen element. This certainly became curious.

I know it is 7 days late, but I’m hyped up for this game so I’m just reading… well… everything. I actually read a few things where people were (supposedly) getting the character specific legendaries on the harder difficulties in private story. IF this is true, (key word: if) you can farm the unique legendaries. One is just a freebie. I so can’t wait for these 6 days to be over. So much for me to do in trial and research!

This was my impression, I saw people with several character specifics and assumed at least some came from legendary gear packs rather than lore unlocks. I figured the lore unlock is just so you are guaranteed to end up with that character’s special gear eventually to reward your dedication to using them. If it happens to be the best version of it that is lucky but otherwise you can farm for it later.

That right there can be a pain, but we loot lovers LOVE, and I mean absolutely F’ing lutely love grinding for stat max gear.

Haha, I’m not quite as enthusiastic but I’m willing to do it. It’s not like the weaker version is crap - they are still good items but eventually I want to be the strongest possible. Plus it’s just one more thing to work at, longevity. :slight_smile:

Plus, it’s super expensive. It’s not like you’ll see (many) all legendary gear builds.

I do believe that they plan to lock the stats it just hadn’t happened for the beta. I personally feel as though the stats should be locked at max value. To go along with that though I believe other legendaries should have a range of activation. Kinda sucks you’ll have to grind super hard because they all cost the same.

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I have over 350 hours of playtime and over 50 unique legendaries. I’ve never obtained a second character specific legendary. I don’t think they have made the character specific legendary a set value, if they have than the values are lowers than lesser rarities and would be completely ridiculous.

Your text is a bit of a slog to decipher through, but I’ll do my best.

You can probably only get one character legendary (despite the rumors that they can drop from epic packs). You can’t even sell them anymore.

Character Legendary Gear is a fixed value. The numbers are all averaged.
This means that if you Montana’s Vest, it’s going to look like this:

[quote=Custom-Fit Flak Vest]
+240 Maximum Health
+4.32% Attack Speed
Montana Only: Slows Minigun Heat generation by 50% when Heat exceeds 85%[/quote]

Which means a similar Epic item at max roll would have something like:
+280 Maximum Health
+5.04% Attack Speed

While I agree that it’s ridiculous that the values are being shaved off while keeping the same price, it’s not that big of a difference.