Character Specific Legendaries

It seems that not all of the character specific legendaries updated, before the update I had 3 character legendaries, none of which were max stat. After the patch, 2 of my legendaries still remain random, and the third was brought up to the maximum stat. Is this a bug, or do we have to do something to make the stats update. Might it be a visual glitch, and the stats are actually changed, or is this just me having some weird problem.

I’m curious as to how you know what the max rolls are for these items. Where do you find this information?

2 Likes People have been collecting data of the “highest” things seen by ANYONE, and is kept in this list, people update it as needed

That isn’t to say that the intended max for character specific items will be the same as the max for that class of items. Pretty sure they’re lower than the class max because they add 2nd and 3rd effects that are good, but not intended to be max.

Except for the fact that one of my legendaries DID get updated, and looked exactly like the chart. They work similar to epics, the primary stat has a cap, and the secondary stat has a cap, only difference is the “legendary effect”

so the secondary stat cap is the same cap as if it were the primary effect then?

Its also rather easy to tell random from capped.

Cap isn’t like to be 7.32 or something similar.

None of mine updated.

From the looks of it, the stat that shows up first on character specifics counts as a primary stat, and the second one counts as a secondary stat

So far, only my OM legendary has the max stats mentioned in the chart.

I think it would be easier to simply list our legendaries and stats and compare them directly rather than assume that the cap for the stat in general is the same as the stat cap for these specific items.

But I do think you’re right that the patch didn’t retroactively fix legendary drops.

OM- Tactical Accelerator
-7% cooldown
+9.8 reload spd

Time Killer
-6.36% cooldown delay
-.057s shield recharged delay
-1s shield recharge delay when all skills on cooldown

RDC Ground Pounders
5.6% mvmt spd
2.8% Dmg redux
2.8% Dmg redux after taking dmg from sides or rear

Hemsworth Sparkleshield
42 shield recharge per sec
-.63s shield recharge delay
1.12% atk dmg stack for every 10s at full shields

Henchman’s Capacitor
-20.12% buildable cost
10.06 Shield penetration
+20% Max shield strength to buildables you upgrade to tier 3

Codex Fragment
5.62% skill dmg
-11.24% recoil
.56% skill damage stack when taking dmg

Bindlebooster- Marquis
10.09% crit dmg
-13.46 recoil
-2s bindleblast cooldown per crit

Arcship Buoy
10.8 healing received
-5.4 cc duration
1 per 30s, all cc effects removed when you receive healing