Character Specific Skins

I think everyone is thinking about new skins for the characters, but I was thinking about having skins that are specific to one character. Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I think it would be cool to have a skin (or color scheme) that is only for one character and can’t be applied to others. These would also be obtained via loot packs. It would be more unique and I think it would be something special to look forward to. I have the same skin (color scheme) for 3 battleborn, so it loses it’s “wow factor.” I use other skins that I don’t have on other characters yet,that I have gotten in loot packs because it’s my first time seeing it. I don’t know how the copyright issues work but I think it would be cool to have skins of things people would know. Maybe references to other games and such. I love the Easter eggs set in the game already and this could be used to make more. I mean we could have a sir hammerlock skin for marquis? Maybe it changes his appearence a little too. It’s just an idea I had while waiting to get into a game haha…:smile:

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Those are typically refereed to as Tier 2 for using the same model but using the changing the appearance, or Tier 3 for changing the model completely.

Battleborn already has these (I’ll find the link for proof in a second) but for whatever reason the skins are being held back by the marketing side of things.

Edit: These are some, if not all, of the skins that were found in the beta &

It would be something along the lines of what GBX did in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, heads and bodies resembling other characters from previous games. I think this should happen, I’ve even noticed some similarities between characters in Battleborn and Borderlands: Oscar Mike = Axton, Alani = Maya, Rath = Zero, Boldur = Salvador, El Dragon = Brick, Sir Hammerlock = Marquis Orendi = Tiny Tina, etc.
I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed too.

[quote=“japhetc55, post:3, topic:1496951”]
Oscar Mike = Axton, Alani = Maya, Rath = Zero, Boldur = Salvador, El Dragon = Brick, Sir Hammerlock = Marquis Orendi = Tiny Tina
[/quote]some of these are closer than other and entirely on purpose. (Oscar like saying slag when slowed. Orendi having a similar personality and same voice actor) But, I just can’t see anything with Rath and Zero besides they both have swords and that would mean that every video game character in history with a sword is like zero and rath

I thought he was just saying “lag”

Also I always see Miko as a better choice for a Zer0 skin, but thats just because kunai

If that’s the case I want that goddam THORN SKIN NOW!! :sob:

Now that I think about it he might be. It makes more sense now that I think about it.

Well for Zer0 and Rath I was thinking that they’re both slim, fast, and mostly professional with a more casual side. A loose connection but a connection none the less.