Character specific stashes!

I think having character specific stashes would be great. lets use amara for example. I’m currently running ricochet witch but sometimes i’ll switch to melee or something else. It would be nice to store her items that I use for the builds in her own stash. That way I can go right to the items if I want to switch builds instead of possibly having to look through 300 items. Anyways just thought i’d throw the idea out there!


Closest stash we can have is the guns we can hang in our rooms though 1 for each existing gear type does limit my options to store more of the same gear types up on a wall

Maybe stashes like those can work?

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I’m with you, I preferred it when it was what you suggested, and we used the secret stash to twink.
Although the stash limit was too low then.
300 items tho’ is just too much to trawl through, especially with the erm… clunky UI and performance on console.
(not sure what your experience is, but I have to move class mods into my backpack before I can see what skills they effect)

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Can always use the inspect key to inspect the class mod skills. I get blank skills in my bank more often lately


I have some character, build, and anointment specific stashes off on mules. Heck I’ve even had a couple of my mules sit through the game in split screen mode to finish the game so I can test out their stuff (e.g., a grasp and a cast Amara; a fade away & a R4kk Att4ck Fl4k). I think this only works with PS4 (no split screen with alt accounts on XBox & PC)?

I’ve created and run a few additional characters on my main account up to Sanctuary so they can pick up & hold specific anointed sets. (Transfer funds around so they can buy backpack space.) Half my ‘playtime’ seems just data management stuff!

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Thanks! :+1: