Character stops running intermittently?

Let me get this out of the way… Farming Frenzy is Edit: confusing.

Anyhow, newest and latest most awesome broken feature of this game, that I’m unfortunately addicted to, is my character stops sprinting or running or what ever the f you want to call it, intermittently. I’m going to wear out my PS4 controller’s left stick button having to push it every few seconds because this game is broken. My PS4 is probably going to explode and blow me up into a million pieces of blood and flesh. My dog will likely eat me when that happens. All because of a broken game. Such a shame.

Edit: the PS4 controller is 1 month old, works perfectly fine, the intermittent interruption of sprinting is related to the game.

PlZ fix this shiiii-oot-Er


I had that issue a month back, solved it (mostly - like 85%) by re-calibrating the stick deadzones in the settings.


:joy: good start.

My PS4 controller does that sometimes too. My fix is to blow into the left stick section. Weird I know but it works. You can take it apart & clean but I’m not up for that at the moment. It’s like a little dust gets in there. Tweaked the dead zones on the 1st day. Made a big difference but didn’t help the ’stop running’ issue.

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That’s what i do too. And it does indeed work somewhat.

It’s not the games fault the controller is broken. The spring in the sticks will worn out eventually, left one does it faster if you play FPS a lot due to sprinting often requires to press L3. Two of my controllers suffer from a deadspot actually and will go from sprint to walk if a certain angle. I blow into the socket and spin the stick around some and it fixes a bit.

I started having the same issues recently as well. It seems it started about the time they fixed the drop rates that wasn’t working with this event, so just a few days back…

Anyways, I know it’s not my controller, it works fine with other games. No issues at all. When I play Borderlands and am trying to run my character will just be walking.

It’s super annoying because I’ll be expecting to be running so that I can slide away but end up crouching instead. This has caused me some frustration and such.

I made a report with 2k, I suggest you do the same.

Also, before anyone mentions it, it’s not my controller. It’s fine. It’s also not me forgetting to click to run either because the controlled have worked fine until a few days ago. Also, I spend hours on the deadline and setting such when I first started playing because the gunplay felt spoingy and loose, and it’s worked fine sense…but I guess I can mess with them again?

Maybe, it’s a PS4 thing? Or maybe we just happen to be two very unlucky peepa.?

As much as I’d like to point and laugh at Sony hardware (not a console war thing, my hatred started with the Walkman in the 80s), my friend who plays on XBOneX was making similar complaints about movement the other day. Perhaps an issue with the 4K console versions?

Not the controller. This one is approx 3 weeks old. Never had a problem until Thursdays ■■■■-fix.

I get that, mine is original from release though; no issues - hell its even cracked :sweat_smile:


It might be your controller, but I had this issue on PC too. For a month or so. It just disappeared after one of the patches last year.

I had the same issue. I bought a new controller :sweat_smile: but to be honest i was having the same problem while playing Monster Hunter World.

Last time I had this issue was in earlier versions… Anytime my wife opened a menu on splitscreen I would stop sprinting or even aiming down the sights.

But I haven’t played since Thursday so I’ll have to get back with y’all on that later.

Never encountered this issue and the way OP spoke about GB employees is unsettling. You can’t really speak like that to peoples faces in life because there is always a chance they’ll react.

“Character stops running” change sprint to L1 and jump to R1… L3 click to sprint is an uncomfortable way to toggle movement. Action Skill on R3, Mark Target on L3

I’ve had this issue, also on PS4. In my case it was the controller. It’s a frustrating thing, for sure.

^ This x 100. I’m continually amazed at how rude and obnoxious people can be online and say things in a way they’d never dare do in person. Internet muscles are a helluva thing.

They are allowed to have whatever opinion they want as long as they abide by Forum Rules and speak about the game, not other peoples.

Its a grey line IMO because GB are people too. I for one have respect and appreciation for GB. Some complaints are just delivered by young souls and it shows. Any intelligent adult well versed in proper etiquette/ manners can tell a legitimate complaint over the noise.

Unreal Engine also has this thing were look versus direction controls can do weird things. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been forced out of sprint by a slight sideways movement or an invisible bump. If anything, the Borderlands games have been better in this respect than a number of others.

Anyway, my suspicion would be something resetting the deadzone values for the sticks, which can be checked under the Advanced tab on the controller settings.

I had to buy a new controller when I realized I could no longer walk backwards. Annoying when getting away from an enemy.