Character stuck at 1 health

This game is full of all types of bugs and lags like crazy when there is too much going on. Currently My character is stuck with 1 health and will not refill. Quit the app several times and it remains the same. Also my game just froze in the middle of a boss fight and had to reset the app. Not for nothing but the game can’t handle all that goes on. the cyclone steering sucks when you join someones game you can’t even keep it straight. Slaughter shaft and star has AI that gets stuck in the walls and you can’t continue. This is the first borderlands I ever played and what a horrible first impression seriously.

With 1 HP part.
Are You using Deathless Artifact? Or Front loader shield? Class mod with points into less health more shield at Moze?
Game has big lags/latency problem I agree with that part. Drunken drive is terrible experience.

Deathless artifact! Thank you for that. I didn’t even notice it says reserves all but 1 health lol. I actually thought I made out with this artifact with shield capacity, recharge rate, and delay.

No problem.

just saying but it can be quite satisfying using the Deathless Artifacts! :slight_smile: ifyou have a good shield