Character Swapping

Is there a way for you to get your character reserved in anyway? I love to play Thorn… but everyone can play Thorn… so sometimes people with faster load times would select Thorn before I could and no matter how much you plea with them they cannot undo their choice of Thorn. I know I can use a Title for Thorn achievements but not everyone knows what these Titles are credited for.

Be nice if we could do like a lottery type of thing where you roll a dice to switch characters with someone or be able to back out of your selection so someone else can use that character if you want.

Currently there is no way to reserve a character, I too use titles to try and inform the team of which character I prefer to play and use theirs as reference.

I do agree that there should be a way to change your character selection, when I go for Deande but then everyone selects melee attackers I feel the need to use a tank or support but by then I’m locked in and it’s too late. But I don’t want to wait in case someone else picks Deande lol. But I think there should also be a limit for those who just select and deselect to cause irritation.
You make an initial selection, then have the opportunity to deselect and select a new character one time.

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Is there a limitation on how often one char can be chosen in a team in PvP? (So only 1 Thorn per team?)

Otherwise I don´t really see why it would be an issue to play with 2 Thorns in a team… When both know how to play her it´d be amazing. Had my best game yet with 4 other Orendis for five times more chaos^^
As said, if theres a character limitiation for teams in PvP (only played PvE) I said nothing.

Only in private matches PVP can you have the same character on one team. I think the reason you cannot do this in public matches is because it may causes character stacking and leading to a balancing issue.

That being said, I do not know why they do not allow the same character in PVE.

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Yes there are limitations in PvP, one each character per team. Could you imagine two Mikos and three Montanas? :open_mouth:

I loved playing PvE with matched characters, “Starring xxx as Oscar Mike, xxx also as Oscar Miko, xxx also also as Oscar Mike” haha loved it!


Five Orendis would be mental, “Shorty’s got Shadowfire Pillars for daaaaayyyyyyys!”

Every platform would freeze, consoles would probably explode and the servers would probably crash lol.

Ahhhhhh, then I indeed said nothing^^ Oh yes, I can imagine it would be awesome

I laughed so hard during the first played Beta-mission, that intro was hillarious! :smiley:

Well, I guess then PvP-players have only 2 options:

  • have a decent team you know, to plan your match and character choice upfront

  • Learn how to play a decent amount of characters, so you have 2-4 you love (Its mean, I know. I LOVE Orendi and hesitated to play others, but what the hell, should I ignore the othe 29 glorious badasses forever?!)

I think the option to reserve a character so its automatically chosen by start of character choice screen takes alot of fun & excitement out of the game. I think of it rather than a military situation, think fast & choose the best option for your team.
Example: Your mainchar is Thorn, but another player chose her first. So pick a matching character, one who can be of use for Thorn or a char who gets benefits of a Thorn as mate.

I mean I am confident enough to be able to play every character well, but… I WANT THORN GDI!

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I read somewhere of playing a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who plays which characters. I like the idea, the only issue I see is handling when people keep picking rock over and over again.

Well until they implement something to make it easier to get the characters you prefer, I guess my Steam name shall now be “Thorn Please :^)”

Five half-decent and coordinated Marquises would probably beat that nicely. The moment a Montana starts shooting at one of them, his small head goes kaplooey from the other four :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t think you should be able to reserve characters, just my opinion. While I love my main of Galliea or Deande, I have no problem picking Thorn, Orendi, Shayne, or Miko if my favorites are taken. Just makes me more flexable when playing.

In private pvp you can have the same character on teams, fought against 2 Klesse and it was…interesting to say the least.

What if all those times someone locked in Thorn before you, some other guy who loves Thorn was equally excited to finally lock her in first? Someone’s gotta lose out. :wink:

The real solution, as folks have said, is finding a couple of characters you like. The chances of all three of your top options being locked early are pretty slim, and even if that does happen, just pick someone else and inform the team that it’s your first game with them.

…even if it’s actually your tenth and the truth is you’re just terrible with them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to be able to just pick another character. I have picked a character multiple times and my team pick other characters that wouldn’t work well. So before the game starts, I would like to just go back and pick a new character. I was on a team of all melees. It was terrible!

That’s always been my issue, if I accidentally hit the button when I don’t mean too or the team ends up weird.