Character Theme Songs

When I get bored, I think about this. We need to come to a consensus.

My thoughts so far-

Orendi - They Might Be Giants - You’re on Fire
Benedict - Wheeler Walker Jr - Redneck ■■■■ (extremely NSFW lyrics)
Marquis - mc chris - IG 88’s 57 Chevy
Kelvin - Turbonegro - Everybody Loves a Chubby Dude
El Dragon - The Offspring - Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Other nominations?


Im so sorry I had to.

I also… Don’t really get the choice for El Dragon :sweat_smile:


Pendles -


Reyna - Stuck in the middle with you


When he’s fighting varelsi, he sometimes “loses” his accent for a minute.

Been sitting through this for forever, but here is one of the breaks I was talking about. May update in a minute with the one he does around varelsi.

Edit: Listened to all I care to of it this morning. Can’t find the more distinct varelsi one. The quote is something like “AND LOOK, OVER THERE! SOMETHING… SOMETHING… accent completely blows away into a very high pitched, whiny voice Seriously guys, what is that?”

He has to use the inappropriate gesture taunt


Ik Montana does have an official song.

These are good so far.

My suggestions:
Caldarius: Iron Man
Attikus: Animal I Have Become
Kelvin: Cold As Ice
Boldur: Big Balls (AC/DC)
Thorn: Bitch (90s song)
Miko: I’m Alive (Anthrax)
Marquis: Mr. Roboto
ISIC: F*ck You (Cee-Lo)
Phoebe: Crazy Bitch
Reyna: Killing In The Name Of
Orendi: Down With the Sickness
Toby: Super Colossal (Joe Satriani)
Whiskey Foxtrot: Scream Aim Fire
Montana: I (Black Sabbath)


I have a song but i don’t really know who it should go to…??

helix by flume

it gets better towards the end tho so

Alter Bridge’s new single “Show Me A Leader” makes me think of Ghalt

Galilea: Monster by Skillet

Ghalt (could maybe fit the UPR in general): Hero by Skillet

Rath: I stand Alone by Godsmack

all I can really think of currently.



Benedict: [Yes, he’s misunderstood]


Oscar Mike:

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I tried sitting through that as well when you said it, heard some reaction about the varelsi but not that line. I’m not attentive enough for stuff like this, maybe someone else could find it, I’d love to hear. Though honestly I might just try and go play El Dragon against Varelsi, I have some Lore to do anyways!

I think I usually get it on the voids edge. I hope you get it. Its hilarious.

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Alani: Aerosmith - I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Alani’s song when she thinks about asking Galilea over to watch a soppy holodrama:
George Benson - Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You (???)

She’s the sort of person I can imagine crying over soppy Rom Com movies and listening to sad love longs. :smile:

Makes me wish I was more artistic and could put some music videos out with these combos.


Attikus - Battery - Metallica


I smell another american dad fan.

That or that’s just usually your music. Majestic be pimp though.

Also, good call on the offspring. Special delivery is my second choice for benedict, although I will say that I think people really overestimate some of the more “tender” parts of his lore. I always thought it was a coy aside to this NSFW greg giraldo bit. They just flipped the characters.

I think I’m going to start collecting nominees and then later on we can vote and make an unofficial soundtrack.

My alani nod - Gnarls Barkley - Storm Coming

Ambra - The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

Galilea - High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings

Montana - Right Said Fred - I’m Too Sexy

Orendi - The Guess Who - These Eyes

@lostkrouu GREAT!

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