Character trailer discussion

They’re all out now, and here’s what I think…Moze’s trailer was the most informative, character-wise. She was the only one that had a reference to a life-changing event, and therefore was miles above the other three in any sort of character development, IMHO. Zane’s, Amara’s and FL4K’s were all JUST about kicking butt. FL4K’s gave individual attention to each of his pets–obviously applicable character traits given each pet (skag as a dog, spiderant as a murderous beast, jabber as an anthropomorphized beast-child). Amara is obviously some kind of super-hero siren celebrity, and Zane is, well…stereotypically Irish.

My trailer ranking from best to least best (and FL4K is my most anticipated and who I’ll be playing first, full disclosure): Moze, Zane, Amara, FL4K.


After Zane and Moze’s trailers I was sorta expecting all the character trailers to follow the same theme, “yeah I’m a badass but I’m feeling sorta lonely”. Maybe there’d be a little trailer for them putting up postings looking for Vault Hunter buddies that’d tie it all together, yeah?

Then Amara stomped in, threw a guy through the saloon doors, punched a structural wall in half, and shouted “DAMNIT WOULD SOMEBODY JUST FIGHT ME ALREADY?”.
So there went that little thread, right out the window with an unconscious bandit.

FL4K’s didn’t do much for me apart from the pet personalities, I was looking forward to some insight on how FL4K formed, or at least its approach to existence. I mean, “All You Need is Hunt” is cool and all, but it didn’t really get me in any way. I love me a good sci-fi concept and an AI on murder-walkabout sounds like the perfect hook, we just didn’t get anything about that today.

BL2 you learned about each character while playing. These were teaser trailers. I wasn’t expecting much background info…weren’t these videos just to keep hype about BL3 release and to continue to showcase the four hero’s abilities?


Yeah, fully agreed. I’m just saying that in comparison to the other trailers I didn’t see much about FL4K as a character as I did from the others.

Maybe they’re deliberately meant to be more enigmatic? A bit like Zer0 - compared to the other 3 original BL2 VHs, we really know zip about him.


I think that the trailers weren’t supposed to give an enormous amount of backstory, but they were created to paint a rough character, like “this is Fl4k on an average day” (also, just to brag about it: I was right with my assumption that they were either a horde of a pack, yeah!).

This showed the lone Wolf of Zane, the betrayed Moze with her only remaining friend and Amara that lives to give and takes glory as reward, just because they give it, not because she demands it. It is a rough picture that we as the players should process, find our own angle to and then proceed to fill the role while playing. It’s basically a 101 of role-playing for a predefined character.

I personally love the Fl4k trailer as it shows the animalistic nature of the leader, the beast of an AI and it has quirky humour that I as a cat owner with lifelong experience with dogs can relate to, especially on the educational level of raising pets by respecting their roots entirely, even if their drive and instincts can be… something different (cough mouse torn apart in 3 segments right over me while I was asleep only to find it laid out like a snack in the morning cough).

One thing I liked about all the trailers was the level of detail in everything. The rakk really stood out in the FL4K one.

I hate being a negative nancy, but since you asked…
I found all of them pretty creaky. Either the animation, or the pacing/storyboarding, or the acting, or all three. Fl4k’s voice is probably my favorite thing out of all four of these trailers, by a country mile.

Sure, I didn’t expect Edward Norton and animation by Pixar, but maybe a little better, plus some of the stuff that grated for me were artistic decisions, not technical failings.

Still, I don’t mind. The E3 trailer was amazing, I liked the Happy together one almost as much, and individual character trailers fill such a huge gap when taking the previous games into account. I’m pretty sure this is a busy as hell time for those guys, but they still had four extra trailers loaded, which is nice.

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