Character Unlock Bug/ Can't use unlock key

I’m currently experiencing a in BattleBorn’s menus where locked characters don’t show up as locked in in the character menu, but show locked in the pre-game character selection menu. This originally was a very minor issue for me… Only letting me not see unlock requirements for each Battleborn. But with the release of Alani and the Unlock Keys, I can’t use my unlock key because none of the locked battleborn show up as locked. Yet if I go into a game, and pick my character in the pre-game selection screen, they show up as locked there. Yet I can only use my unlock key in the Character menu.

Because of this, I cannot use my Unlock key to get access to any characters I don’t have. Making the key useless and nonexistent for me.

Same thing is happening to me. I was unbothered by this glitch before, but after paying for the season pass and still unable to use the new character, I’m quite upset. I’ve been searching the Internet and others are having the same problem. Hopefully Gearbox will fix this so I can get what I paid for.

I’m having the same problem I already tried uninstalling and re installing the game but it diddnt change anything. I just want to play Alani man. :frowning:

When you are in the Command centre and you highlight a locked Battleborn, a bar should come up over the BB card telling you that you can either use an unlock key or complete challenges. Is that not showing up for you?

All characters show up as unlocked in the character menu. Because they don’t show up as locked… Why would it prompt me to use an unlock key on a character that is considered locked?

To answer your question, no. It’s not showing up.

Having this same issue. Wasn’t too concerned about it until it rendered my season pass unusable. Cmon guys, let’s get this together!

I was just telling you how things were when I unlocked Alani an hour ago. Post-upate and addition of Alani, none of the characters have a padlock on their card like they did before. Instead, when you move the selection to highlight each character card in turn, you should see a green bar appear over the card for any locked character.

The text on the green bar says “Use a hero key or complete challenges to unlock” (or words to that effect). There’s also an extra option included in the key hints along the bottom right of the window which says “X to unlock with hero key”. Again, this is all when you go to the Battleborn tab in the command centre (not anywhere else).

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s not appearing. And they’ve added a “Characters” tab in the Marketplace section that is also not selectable.

Did you do a hard reset of your XB1? That’s fixed a few issues for me in the past.

I’m having similar issues. The ability to see locked characters was removed when I unlocked Kleese awhile ago. I can’t even scroll to the Characters tab in the marketplace.

I’m having a similar issue but my key isnt showing up for me :confused:

So I’m having the same issue all of my characters showed unlocked from the the second day but they were def not and now that alani is out I can’t use a command key with her cause she shows unblocked in the command menu

That is my EXACT problem with me. I hope someone out there is able to help us.

So it’s starting to sound like those of you having the problem may not have been credited with the Hero Key you were supposed to get?

As I noted above, before I used my key, highlighting a character card would pop up a dialog bar over the card about unlocking; now that I’ve used the key, that no longer appears and I also cannot tell which characters are unlocked.

I would strongly suggest putting in a support ticket about this:

Note on the season pass thing: it still shows as a purchase item for me as well, even though it’s already installed/active. That seems to be a “feature” with the XBox store and the in-game marketplace. The same thing happens in BL2 and TPS…

Yeah i already bought mine, its fixed now.

Same thing here. Not sure why, but it shows as unlocked in the command center and i cant access her in a char select screen in any game mode. I also cannot select the char sub tab in the marketplace tab in the command center. I am a digital deluxe holder. I am getting frustrated. I really wanted to use the char on the last bonus exp day and now it looks like i will loose that cause their account stuff in not right.

In Command Centre, when you highlight her character card, do you see anything appear over the card? You should have an option to use a Hero Key when you do. If you don’t see that prompt show up, then for some reason you’ve not received the hero key. If resetting your XB1 doesn’t fix it, the link to the support site is in my post above.

Its bugged man. It doesnt show lvl req or challenge req for locked characters either.

Same issue, Xbox support was inept so o submitted a help ticket.

I’m actually pretty peeved about his, I don’t buy many things for myself so dropping 80$ with the season pass for it to not work is disheartening.

Also when i change the sort to unlocked, it automatically goes to alphabetically, even tho i dont have everyone unlocked.