Character Unlock BUG

5 of us completed the story from beginning to end and now all of our battle born no longer show as locked but we cannot play them and it does not show the quest levels and we are worried we wont get them with leveling our command rank

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Try entering a support ticket, also what platform are you on I can move you to the proper section.

xbox one

Sorry I forgot to link the support ticket

perfect thanks

Just FYI, I have the same problem on Xbox One. After completing The Heliophage mission all Battleborn characters now show as unlocked, but ARE NOT PLAYABLE. My major problem with this is I can no longer see what their requirements are for actually unlocking them.

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yeah that was annoying, i have yet to hear back from the screenshots my team and i sent,

however if you go to challenges section u can see the character unlock status and what you need to do and i can confirm the chars still unlock if you get them.

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Yep, same here. I was ecstatic when I saw them all unlocked, but next match, there were still a bunch locked. Quite the PSYCH!! you did on us there 2K/GB.

Also, I did receive an unlock for El Dragon prior to this, but he did not unlock based on the given card. I did just unlock him hitting level 20, but still…

Same here.

The few characters I remembered the unlock info for unlocked a 2nd time after I did the required task, like El Dragon being Win 5 matches as LLC, however I no longer had that information showing on the character “card”. That said I had also already unlocked him through leveling and actually used him to play 2 of the 5 matches, to unlock himself. :stuck_out_tongue: Doing the same with Ambra/Jennerit, since I primarily play Peacekeepers and Eldrid.

BTW, I found the unlock information under the…

>> CAREER > CHALLENGES > CHARACTERS >UNLOCKS << . (as stated by lebeaurobert above)

Now you have to dig in the recesses of the game menus to find the information that used to be right on the main screen aka character screen. :angry::rage: