Character Unlock Keys ... A Little Clarification

Hey everybody,

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying Battleborn so far. On behalf of everyone at Gearbox, I want to thank you all again for your support so far. I’ve noticed a few threads here and there that show some confusion in regards to the “character unlock keys” and how that process will work. I’m sorry that our communication of it didn’t quite hit the mark on that one, so let clarify for everyone:

I hope this clears up any confusion and as always, if you have any other questions, just tag me below!


People are going to want to know about the “added thank you to PS4 beta testers get a key” statement. fyi, it’s incoming.

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That was my ?

“PlayStation 4 players who participate in the upcoming Open Beta and also purchase the Season Pass will receive a hero unlock key allowing you to instantly unlock any hero in the game.”

Kind of pointless now, seeing as most people have unlocked everyone. Oh well.

Edit: I don’t mind that this happened. Just disappointed because I was looking forward to it.


Hello Overwatch!


Yes, added that in. Thanks!

Ok you added that in but any word on when it will be available, thanks

Yes, as I said above, the first key will be available w/ Alani. The subsequent keys will release one at a time with each additional character.

Thanks for clearing things up, I hope this puts those other posts to rest as we now have a clear answer.

Can we get a reason why from gbx? 5 keys that let you unlock anyone with each dlc character is really cool. I like that. It’s really there as an instant unlock for the dlc character, with option to use it on someone else. But why would you wait to give out the extra key? There’s no character release it is relevant to that you would want to use at that time. It’s most appropriate now, when we have 18 options. Now, before anyone unlocks every character. People have actually made financial decisions based on gbx’s lack of clarification. The information wasn’t vague or confusing, it was misleading. Can we get some word @joekgbx @jythri


This is pointless. Just generate a key for the ps4 beta players who got the season pass, because I’m feeling duped at this point, theres no need to make everyone wait when you guys hold the keys ya know? Why would you wait to deliver on what was promised Ina time frame for what, for many people, will be after they unlocked everything anyway? No disrespect intended but this feels really close to a bait and switch tactic at this point.


To follow up on something else somewhat related as it deals with shift codes. Was there ever any word on what the codes they handed out at PAX prime 2015 were for? Redeemed mine, got a message saying there would be something exclusive for battleborn. Got nothing that I see of.

The wording here is still confusing to me. I understand that for the general population for Season Pass holders the 1st key is w/the release of Alani. But, for the PS4 beta players, will they receive the additional key at that time as well?

Yes that was they stated. This method of delaying on delivery though… Damages my trust in statements like this in the future.

I agree. I’ve loved all of the Borderlands games, and their DLC’s, so I was/am really excited for this game, but the promise of a free unlock and the execution of that promise has been subpar at this point. Not to negative or anything, but it just seemed like the implantation of the free unlock would be at or very near launch

You on pc? Nit to derail the thread but evolve on console has been and still is a joy to play even 150 hours later . On topic though, the key fiasco is definitely disappointing

Oh my gosh, thank you!

please to don’t.

Don’t just “pick a thread” to promote your issue. You made a thread. That’s enough.

100 x YES.

It’s so annoying. Destiny pulls the same junk which is why I’ve been looking for something new. Apparently this ain’t it. They specifically said a special bonus for PS4, an instant unlock key, plus the new character, plus whatever they release with the season pass.

I like the game but now I’m unhappy with their business practices.

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