Character unlock level requirements disappeared? ANSWERED

So I have noticed players, like myself, have had the level requirements for Deande and Ghalt disappear on them, unlock, but are still locked. Can I still reach levels 38 + 40 to get them? Or did that disappear?

Because, to be honest, I cannot stand the asinine story match making system. I hate leaving 10 advanced story matches to try and get the last two story missions that I need to accomplish. If I had 10 hours to run through all of them and hope for a chance at those levels, fine, but unfortunately, I don’t. I don’t feel like spending hours I don’t have on levels I don’t currently need if the level requirements have disappeared.

EDIT: At level 38 and 40 I was able to unlock both Deande and Ghalt respectively.

Yea pretty strange has happened to me also

You’ll still unlock them. It happened for me as well, but it’s nothing detrimental. Just a little weird.
Also, you could solo run them… they’re not too difficult to do alone.

Awesome! Glad to hear I can grind advanced story missions and still get them. And I am not sure about the second to last mission, but the last one I am not good enough to solo that one. I have tried two or three times already and the timer got to be too low to continue.

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I can’t remember ghalts unlock condition besides rank 40 anyone know off the top of there head?

I’m fairly certain it’s getting silver on all the advanced missions. Rank 40 kinda sneaks up on you however so I’d personally say just wait for that and enjoy the characters you already have.

Yea I’m level 36 now this double xp is killer, so won’t be long, thanks.

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It’s merely a visual glitch, don’t worry your progress is still being tracked and as long as u reach the requirements u will be fine. By this games logic I unlocked El luchador like 5 times.

It’s a bug that has to do with unlocking kleese, I believe. If you want to check your actual progress on unlocking, go to the challenge tab “Characters > Unlocking” You can still unlock them both via levels and challenges, even if the bug happens

That is exactly when it happened for me. However, since the double XP weekend, I reached 40, and unlocked both Deande and Ghalt at their respective level unlocks.

Good luck at getting anything over Bronze on the Archive solo.

I got gold silver on my first run which was solo…

Well I guess you don’t need that luck. I’ll save it for the next person.

Well, they fixed the Archive’s score issue with the first update so I think it’s gotten easier.

Pfft, the one I just can’t seem to gold is renegade, played the dang mission so man times with different groups. Just can’t seem to get it drives me nuts