Character was deleted after crash?!

Last night I was playing with some friends and as per usual my game ended up crashing, which I usually just boot it back up and continue with my farming. However this morning when I booted up my game I found out that my lvl 60 Moze who I was playing at the time was deleted, and that when I tried to resync the cloud save it had already saved the deletion of my character, is there any other way I can get my character back?

Unfortunately not, no - MS in their wisdom did not provide the means to make our own local save file backups.

So all of my 100+ hours of gameplay and all my event weapons are now gone?

Also, while MS did not let you make local backup files, it was this game with it’s constant crashing on Xbox that for some reason in GB infinite wisdom cause my character to just randomly delete itself

My guess is that the game crashed as the save file was being updared, corrupting it to the point it appeared deleted. I’m sorry that you lost your file this way. There is a brief window within which you can re-sync your local saves from the cloud to recover the file, but you have to act very quickly.

Hopefully anything in your bank - along with cosmetic items - is intact as that is stored separately from the save files. If you have another character (or start a boosted DLC character) you should be able to check that easily.