Character with most synergies with Bandit weapons?

I like to use my lovely Bandit weapons, namely Tattler, Jolly Roger and maybe the Badaboom. These are the ones I want to use in particular which are sitting in the bank and collecting dust. Which character would you recommend, which one has the most synergies with them? To clarify, I don’t want the character which could crank out the most DPS (because generally OP skills or something like that) but specifically synergies even if they’re weak.

Maya works pretty well with them, foresight gives more mag size than normal because of their bigger than normal mags and it also (along with inirtia) increases reload speed, which bandit guns need pretty badly. Other than that she has some general gun buffs that are nice for pretty much anything.

Zero works well with them because he has a lot of reload speed buffs and some general gun boosts, as a note, a lot of his gun buffs are crit damage which may cause problems with the generaly sub-par accuracy of bandit weapons.

Axton also has strong reload speed buffs and gun buffs, however his gun buffs are not crit, so he isn’t held back as much be the mediocre accuracy, that said, his buffs are less powerful over all.

A hoarder Sal build might work well with Bandit guns, but I don’t have much experience with him so I can’t say for sure.

I don’t think Gaige and Krieg have exceptional synergy with bandit guns, but they can deffinately make good use of them in the right situations.

I just thought of a Sal which pairs Tattler and Jolly Roger in combination with Divergent Likeness to increase the low accuracy of both guns and using the Brawn tree with a Legendary Titan. That sounds fun since I never played a Brawn/Titan Sal before.
What do you think?


I really don’t know sal that well, I have one that was powerleveled, but I havn’t done much with it other that mess around a bit with slijm and chuck’s builds

Since the weaknesses of Bandit weapons tend to be accuracy and fire rate, I would think that either Gaige (due to the larger mag size Bandit weapons tend to have, also taking into consideration skills like Close Enough, Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Discord and the Nth Degree) or Maya (example: a Tattler combined with Chain Reaction + Blurred Trickster COM) would have good synergy with bandit weapons. Granted, having too many Anarchy stacks with Gaige might be an issue with accuracy however there probably is a “happy middle ground” so to speak. The only other character I actively play is Axton, and I only really use a Slagga with him. I can’t really speak for Krieg or Sal, since I have never played them and my Zer0 is only level 10 or 11 and is currently just a mule character for storage.

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Back at level 50 (long time ago I know) someone made a build for Zero based around Bandit weapons. I believe it was called the “Ass-bandit” or something like that.

Anyway, it relied on roid shields, rising shot,two fang, and Zero’s crit boosts to overcome the weaknesses of bandit weapons. No idea how it would work now, but it may be worth a look.

Since zero can increase accuracy and has some of the best reload buffs as well.

An elemental Tattler can be put to work well with Krieg.

  • improved accuracy through Fire Fiend;
  • increased fire-rate through Elemental Elation and Embrace the Pain;
  • reload speed through Fire Fiend and Nervous Blood and indirectly through Blood-filled Guns;

I can’t speak about the Jolly Roger since I’ve never played with it that much although judging from the stats it should benefit just aswell as the Tattler (specially with Fire Fiend).

I also can’t speak about the Badaboom because I never use launchers…

I think I’ll revive my Hellborn Krieger or create a new Hellborn Maniac. Thanks guys. :smiley:

Lol! Ass-Bandit is hands down the best name for a Bandit Allegiance build I have ever heard.

Zer0 was my Bandit allegiance character at first. What I liked was primarily his buffs to fire rates and reload speeds. As was mentioned, reloading a Bandit weapon can take a fair amount of time, but those deep magazines are super fun with high fire rates.

I eventually gave my Bandit allegiance to Gaige. Her buffs to reload speed are marginal, but Smaller, Lighter, Faster is great for them because the mag size penalty doesn’t even faze the Bandit magazine size. She’s built around Anarchy, which helps with their damage.

While I don’t care for him, Salvador is probably up there? What’s that skill that lets him auto-reload non-equipped weapons after a kill? Reloads are now as fast as a weapon swap. There’s another skill (Keep Firing?) where your fire rate goes up the longer you hold down the fire button? Divergent Likeness can buff accuracy too… makes me want to try him out as the Bandit allegiance character.

You can make good use of these guns with Gaige due to Nth Degree, Smaller, Lighter, Faster and The Better Half. You can even throw a Punk COM as they wont feel this much the mag size penalty and the fire rate is insane. Also, accuracy is overrated anyway.

Bloodstacks on Krieg can give already ridiculous Bandit Clip Sizes and even bigger boost.

I tend to carry a Bandit Rocket Launcher on Kreig, and with my bloodstacks, I have my entire Ammuntion quota in the clip, which is real handy if I get in FFYL.

With Bloodstacks, if all your ammo is in the clip, reload speed becomes moot.

Also, Kreig screams Bandit to me, so he should be using Bandit weapons, if I ever make it to OP8, I hope to get a range of Bandit Gear and Relics and give it a go.

Made a Salvador build that only utilized Bandit gear (even the roid shields). The massive fire rate boosts and ammo consumption negation work really well with the high magazine size of Bandit guns.

Hellborn Mania?, I have my build thread buried into the oblivion :confused:
May be useful for you I guess…

I don’t know, I tried to make a Hellborn/Mania Krieg build work with these two weapons in mind, crunched some numbers, etc. But it seems I’ve played him too much in the past. It doesn’t feel satisfying anymore. :pensive:
I’ll try Gaige next.

wait, didn’t worked for you?

Oh, the build wasn’t the issue, it worked very well. But my pleasure in playing that build or Krieg in general was the lacking part.

Maya tears ass with a Tattler or Sawbar, and she’s pretty strong with Bandit shotguns. My Tattler is non-elemental, and it still kills efficiently. The synergy with Chain Reaction is awesome. The Sawbar is simply incredible in her hands. It melts the Black Queens very nicely, and makes for very fast Southpaw runs.

Since Krieg doesn’t seems an option now, my second one would be Sal like adabiviak suggested.

Two elemental Tattlers and a moxxi healing on another slot; The build would be centered around fire-rate and ammo regen+capacity (maybe something like this, skillpoints accounting for a leg.hoarder com) but I don’t know if that’s different enough for your playstyle as it would be for me due to how little I used weapons compared to melee.