Character XP breakdown

Is there some sort of breakdown on how the Character XP for Character Rank is determined by your score in either PVP or PVE?
Obviously the higher the score the better the XP, but what exactly determines the Character XP? The character challenges and some PVP challenges also give character XP, but they are limited and cannot be obtained in every game.

For PVE, is it the number of kills or just the end score in general? And how exactly does that get converted to XP? Are there any formulas that are known?

Thanks in advance!

Time. Its literally just how long you take in the game and whether you win or loss. Winnign seems to give like 20 more exp.

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Yup. As soon as Alani dropped I went to solo a mission, sat there for the full 100 minutes, and earned at least 3 commander rank and 1 to 2 character rank. Got her done in 12 and a half hours.

Alright, thanks!
Didn’t know it was purely time based, how odd.

Jesus, if I had the time to do that I might. But I actually like playing the character :stuck_out_tongue: maybe ill do it for reyna lol. Already finished her lore.

Wait, what?! How did u fill the Lasergun - Lore?! I’m tryin’ & tryin’ … but it takes my Time forever. Cause the DMG is so … well, there’s no DMG at all.
Hm, should tryin’ some Solo with her.

Go to the Algorithm, or any mission with swarmers. I went to the Algorithm because like 3 can spawn in the zone with the ice and snow. Don’t kill the big swarmers, let them spawn the tiny ones and kill them all. That’s how I did it. XD

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Oh my Gosh! What an awesome Tip! I made it how u said. Was done in half an hour! :heart:

Also the Archievment where u need the Swarmers is easy to make it like this. :3 U’re my God!

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Gonna go off topic a bit, but everyone doing lore should know that trick works for a few characters. I used it for Kleese’s black hole challenge. But if you have to kill say, blinded enemies, (Caldy) it doesn’t work because they die before the status effect hits them.

And you’re saying the Longer you take in a match/mission, the better? Dammit, no wonder I only have Toby up :frowning: I power through everything.

Similar trick can be used for ISIC’s plasma dash challenge. Fight Geoff after his first upgrade, and he’ll spawn increasing numbers of minions (up to 6 at a time at max) which you can plasma dash for days and rack up all 150 kills in 10-20 mins or so

I found a spot in the algorithem where the swarmer just spawns little baby swarmers that die in one shot. Just let it keep spawning the little ones and kill them. ITs in the frozen area.

That’s the one that was mentioned in a previous post.

I am aware. didn’t see it till after I posted.

Wasn’t trying to be a dick, just letting you know :slight_smile:

Yup haha. You can do a mission that doesn’t end until a certain event happens (I think all of them excluding Algorithm) wait until the minute mark, and then execute the last action (ex. Kill Conservator then stay still then activate jump pad, kill Jailer then meet with Caldy, etc.) And you’ll end up with about 160 XP per time. I noticed this by grinding Geoff bots, 100 would meet me 330 and doing Renegade in about 45 minutes got me 100 (double XP event was on).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You reminded me. For varelsi lore challenges, like melka, conservator solo. Same with caldy blind. It spawns infinite enemies mainly skulks. Which work well for caldy blind, because the dot from level 1 bleed helix will usually kill them, if not the child grenades.
I apologize for going off topic. I just wanted to throw that out there before I forgot :slight_smile: