Character XP seems really low lately?

Ive been level 8 with El Dragon for over a week now despite winning at least 20 games with him the past week.

never really noticed until now… just won a game and my xp bar barely barely barely moved at all? at this rate im gonna need approximately 70 thousand wins to reach level 15 with him.

But i got to 15 fast with rath and marquis… what gives?

Yea i just recently mastered Galilea and it seemed to take an age to get to rank 15 compared to Ambra, Marquis and Alani although one of those would have been through the Double XP weekend too. I have moved onto Phoebe and almost completed her lore and im nearly rank 11 already after only a few games.

Maybe different characters need different amounts of XP for whatever reason?? Also i seem to find doing PvE actually gives more XP than in PvP but i do almost purely PvP myself.

I play PvE exclusively and I also have that perception. During the first x2 XP weekend, I was levelling up Mellka and stormed through both character and command rank. Last weekend, I was playing Attikus and found it barely noticeable.

I can understand why GBX may have tweaked progress to a slower rate. Once you max a character there is a feeling of nowhere to go with it. That’s not a problem for me. I just move on to the next character :slight_smile: However, it would be nice if one of the good folks from GBX could confirm.

Yes, I have noticed that too. A few weeks ago I started getting barely any character XP per match, even if we won. The lowest one was I think 19 char XP for a winning match.

So, while getting Miko to 15 during the first month was a nice challenge, now getting my Oscar Mike past 12 is a drag.

I think it has more to do with the challenges that you fill or not.
You’ll notice that doing the lore challenges (among the others) gives you chunk of 500xp at a time for the chars.
Lots of challenges does that,so yeah,look around there.


This is true, you do get a tonne of XP for Challenges completed and since i have a tonne of them complete maybe it just feels like not getting as much XP. There is only really each of the ‘level up this character’ challenges ‘win as this character/faction’ challenges and the lore challenges left for me to complete now.

Had already posted it is very disappointing to only get 56 char XP on Advanced Story mode that you put 70 minutes into.

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If you play pvp, do you play competitive queue? It gives bonus xp, I feel like I am leveling quicker now with the bonus in the competitive queue.

competitive q doesnt seem to work for me

i did the spotlight battle last night, i won the match… but after the match was over my character only got like 3% of a levels worth of xp… lol… the XP bar barely budged at all.

not sure whats up… even if my old characters were getting double xp… now it seems like im only getting 1/100th of the xp i used to get.


ive already won 51 games with el dragon and im still level 8 hahah it sucks.

i prolly wont get him to level 15 this year

Yea, I have only gotten one character to lvl 15, the others I have only gotten to lvl 12 just to unlock their mutations.

Inb4 2K decides to push those XP booster packs.

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hmm… maybe it was just a glitch or a bug i had last night?

because i just won a match now and got like 1/5th a level worth of xp… strange.

I think Minion kills in PVP give exp, check your game minion kill counts and see if the exp gained has something to do with the number of minions/players killed.

This. Definitely this.

Many challenges give a nice big chunk of character xp when you complete them. When you only have high rank challenges remaining and aren’t fulfilling one or two challenges that reward additional character xp every game, your xp is going to slow down (it actually works out pretty well as it means new players level up characters quickly to start and then slow down the more they play and fewer challenges they have available).

Challenges exp seem to be good answer, but no. If you look through challenges, they all give player exp while only hero challenges (play 1 match, play 10 matches, etc.) give hero exp. Thus challenges shouldn’t affect any difference in leveling up different heroes since hero challenges are all the same.

probably cut casual XP not sure why, I guess they want it to be a grind… we need a double Xp weekend again… would have been great to do a double Xp weekend to coincide with the steam sale but whatever…

I have been wondering about character xp for a while now, and this thread seems like a good opportunity to look at it. I looked at the last 24 missions I went on (as far the match history would show me). Missions were Advanced pve, with a mix of solo/group size and wins/losses, I removed all challenge character xp from the calculation. I rounded the minutes down if under 40 seconds, or up if over 40 seconds.

Total missions: 24
Dates: From 6/30 to 7/3
Lowest xp/hour: 97.5
Highest xp/hour: 107.143
Mean xp/hour: 104.506
Median xp/hour: 105.798

There didn’t seem to be any correlation with success and higher/lower xp, nor with solo vs group, the longer missions had higher xp, but seemed to have the same xp/hour as shorter missions.

Note: As part of an earlier test I AFK’d for 20 minutes and then killed myself and got almost no xp, so I wonder if that might be a part of the variation in the xp rate.

Trying to level Mellka and it’s excruciatingly slow. Especially in PvP, losses award you for ~10 XP if you are lucky.

30 minutes in a match and less than a dozen XP after a loss despite putting effort into a match is a kick in the teeth by GB.

I’m at lvl 10 with Marquis and I just want to try other characters. I’m not even sure if two missions will be enough to level up. It’s crazy how you can level up twice in one mission with new characters.