Characters and bugs XBOXONE

Gonna get straight to the point here. ISIC is not tanky enough (shields) , No point in having three shields if they go down instantly and one your a sitting duck when using. GALILEA as of right now has way too high of a sustain, and is ■■■■■■■■ when playing against as she can just run in and take half your team out. BENIDICT I have a couple issues with, his default rocket launcher shoots to slow, and has issues when reloading, having him have to reload all the rockets before you can shoot again is a must, as is really annoying shooting then reloading one rocket then shooting then reloading, you get the point. BUGS - I have encountered just a few bugs when using skills. Ultimate a sometimes do the animation but then nothing happens, and I find I am having to click abilitys OFF COOLDOWN multiple times before the work. Agree or disagree whatever hope gearbox takes a look at these issues. ( ps. Having anthing console exclusive for a beta is BS.)