Characters and Taunts not unlocking, or doing so prematurely

I’ve played to roughly the same level in both the Ps4 and the PC/Steam beta, I, and others, have found certain individual characters or taunts not unlocking despite meeting either of their unlock requirements, and one personal case of one unlocking prematurely. Below is screenshot proof of these instances.

  1. (PC ver) ISIC not fulfilling, or showing, his “Complete “The Algorithm”.” condition, nor unlocking if it has been fulfilled.

  2. (PC ver) Miko’s “The Challenge” taunt not unlocking upon fullfillment of the “Regrown Universe” Lore Challenge.

  3. (PS4 ver) Benedict unlocking prematurely at Command Rank 8, As opposed to Command Rank 10 as listed.

I cant say anything for the first two, but Benedict’s alternative unlock method is 5 wins as a Peacekeeper character. that screenshot shows three missions as Oscar Mike and two as Montana, meeting that requirement.

I see. I was under the impression that the “Win X matches as an X character” conditions referred to PVP games. I have been playing primarily in PvE mode.