Characters and their phases in game

Who do you guys think has the worst early game out of all the characters? Who has the best? What do you guys do to combat a characters bad early game?

How about late game Titans? Late game meh characters?

Title might be a little abstract I apologize

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I got excited because I thought this was going to be a discussion about characters and what kind of maps they would have in-game. Wrong definition of stages.

ANYWAYS, El Dragon, Boldur, Whiskey, and Ryena I feel have a slow start based on other characters. El Dragon usually gets pummeled early on until he hits 5 and gets his ult. Same with Boldur, but that ult makes him a powerhouse in the late game, same with El Dragon. The pay off for them is huge. Ryena get’s a decent boost in her late game, but early on she’s going to spend most of her time overshielding and marking, which is helpful, but not as helpful as she gets late game.

Honestly I feel like most characters get pretty powerhousey at lvl 10, but it’d take to long to name them all and the reasons why.

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I knew I was gonna mess the title up! Well thanks anyway for commenting. Just tweaked the title.

I honestly like dragons early game. It’s not fantastic but all the levels you get really add up to his assassination abilities. I feel similarly with whiskey. There power is definetly back logged into there later levels but I would hardly consider there early levels “dead”

Reyna though I can agree. My best support ability doesn’t come until level 4 and level 5 allows me to be an actual proper skirmisher as homing Reyna

Oh yea I forgot I mentioned Whiskey and didn’t even touch on him. I feel like his best skill comes from his mutation and you don’t even get to use it til lvl 6. The fire grenades mixed with his three shot (or even the mirv, which is also a mutation) lays down so much cover damage that it’s almost a bad idea to not get it. Getting heals from kills at lvl 5 is also amazing, but it’s another mutation. Whiskey is late game as in his character lvl late game.

Ok this is gonna be hard to say for me as I haven’t played a lot of pvp, but from what I HAVE played this is what I think

Bad early Games: El Dragon, Rath, ISIC’s is a little meh, Kelvin (until he gets big by eating stuff, he can actually be taken down rather easily), Miko

Good early games: Caldarius, Oscar Mike, deande I think? she seems like she’s at least average in all parts of a game, Thorn, Marquis I find has an ok early game

Late game Monsters: Galilea, El Dragon, Rath, marquis, Attikus (got a friend who mains him and he is ridiculous late) ISIC, Pendles, Orendi, Boldur.

Late game Meh Characters: Benedict, Ghalt, Toby, Reyna, Kleese (I find he does best in the mid game)

Overall Meh Characters: Whisky Foxtrot (I find it hard to think of any time he shines, maybe EXTREMELY late game, but everything he does seems so underwhelming to me.) Melka (annoying as all hell, but little else), Shayne and Aurox (never really had problems with these 2)

Yeah whiskey needs a little work out in to get great mutations. Admittedly though not as much as ambra, but ambra goes from good to probably just a little op after her level 12 mutation

Honestly tho for whiskey I just feel way better playing him once I get my scope at level 3. Each level after that just feels AMAZING. Kinda the same with el dragon. Once I get his clap I don’t have to worry as much about endangering my self when trying to get minions

ISICs levels pretty much throughout a game have always felt pretty good. -1.5 delay on shield with wards up at 1 reflecting wards at 2 and an extra 240 shield at 3 kinda go a long way imo

Raths early game I would agree however to be relatively unimpressive. I think his silence at level 4 is kinda what brings him together at that point in the game.

Kelvins early game I also agree lacks substance(though 360 extra health at level 1 is pretty sweet)

Lol to whiskey. Hard to find halfway competent whiskeys but I do think he can be pretty good in later game. He also annihilates bigger bodies preeeeeeetty well

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True true. Whiskey’s scope is sooo much better than Oscar’s at least. Ambra’s mutations are alright, but yea her lvl 12 makes her one of the best healers possible.

Orendi’s lvl 12 mutation also makes her other lvl 10 mutations useless in PVP I think. Shadowfire pillars. Shadowfire pillars everywhere.

You have yet to see a good Whiskey player. I’m not saying I’m good, but his mutations make him a powerhouse late game. I was able to save a win in incursion once with him by just unloading into the last sentry in the last 15 seconds of the game. It felt amazing and he just feels sooo complete with his mutations.

I agree with SaA, Melka can be good in the right hands and end game her poison makes her a big player I think.

Toby only really shines as a sniper, so he’s kind of an overall meh I feel, because his shield is soo broken it literally breaks from looking at it. If he had a thing to double it’s health or something he could be a much better late game character.

I feel like staff slam, fueling your own sunspots, and fire ball staff with her legendary are all no brained picks imo.

Also I would say ambras early game is pretty strong(her game in general is pretty potent) debuff at level 1 or a damage/reveal, more sunspot healing at level 2 and healing your own spots at 3. Damn!

Additional side note: I have never orendied. Want to. Think she is an awesome character but am soooooooo worried about SFP adequately. That and I sold my Voxis core(not sure how… Just woke up one day and didn’t have it anymore…)

Ghalt has the best early, mid game.

Orendi, Thorn, Phoebe, El Dragon probably have the best mid/late game.

I personally don’t go with the fireball staff anymore, and I’ve always been unimpressed with the healing your own sunspot mutation. I usually go with the increased lifedrain, as if I need to heal, I’ll use a sunspot, if one goes down, I’ll have another up shortly, I don’t need to be sitting still healbeaming a bright yellow orb that kills itself. I usually go with the spear at level 7 because not only does it look better, to me, but it allows high damage, instant sunspots, and you can get your heat back extremely quick with RoR.

From my experience, at lvl 1 the best characters in pvp is Ghalt and Galilea.

I don’t know why OM wasn’t mentioned as the late game badass, his ult is probably one of the best in this game to take down battleborns and sentries. If you are 50-50 and you are losing only by points, get the Oscar Mike to the sentry, boom, shield is gone, few hits and you win at least by points. And if there are other teammates with ults ready - sentry will go down in seconds.

And Toby late game is really not meh, he is super powerful in the right hands… even in the mediocre hands ^^

(don’t know how everything plays in Meltdown or Capture so I will not comment on that)

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You may not have played Toby much. At level 8 (late game), he gets a helix to double his shield health.

Yes and it still gets one shot by Ernest’s direct hit grenades. I have all of Tobys lore done, except the double kill, for now, and no matter what you do to his shield it takes no damage before it gets destroyed. It’s useless in PVE (if you solo, and sometimes even if you don’t). For a territorial defender, he can’t really use his shield for either of those. All it’s good for now is sitting back and sniping really, and even then one stray grenade and it’s gone, Marquis can drop his shield and Toby in a matter of seconds. It just is very lackluster as a defence skill.

Oh okay. I just saw that comment and was heartily confused.

Yea apologies, it was late at night, and I was kind of distracted typing out responses while waiting to respawn, so any confusion was probably mainly my fault for the way I typed it.

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