Characters and what not

You guys have completely wrecked el dragon. You reduced his stun to one second, and now he can’t do anything with that considering he is already squishy af as it is please bring back two seconds. You have also removed Ghalts stun, leaving the name of his move “stun mine”. You have pretty much made Ghalt for cod players that like to use a shot gun. Oh and pls pls pls bring back the original Oscar mike fire bomb. I also read an mental Mars article mentioning that you might bring bots into multiplayer games/single player ect. And that would be good for those who are less fortunate and arnt that good at the game. But apart from that battleborns going good.

…and break the game all over again with the return of stun metas? Nah.

El Dragón needs some major damage buffs or major health buffs, and Ghalt is extremely powerful at the moment. He doesn’t need the stun, the hook+trap combo wasn’t “OP,” it was just very frustrating and unfun getting hit by it.

Oscar Mike’s napalm needed to get taken down a couple notches. It was about as strong as his ultimate, but with half the cooldown and available at level 2.

…and Ghalt plays more like he was made for Halo players who like the shotgun. Leave COD and it’s legions of plebs out of the discussion.


But then everyone else would be outraged if he got his aoe brought back so unless they yet again changed everybody’s aoe its not gonna happen lol, everyone’s aoe got nerfed. El dragon may be arguable with his stun, but a health buff seems more plausible overall or some type of tweak with his dmg reduction skill at lvl5 etc. as far as dmg goes he seems quite fine, at least with a gauntlet like VOV or SG

Give Clothesline the Phasegate treatment, ie. add an option in the helix for it to immediately reset when his shield breaks, and call it a day. He already hits like a truck. I like the idea of him being an uber glass cannon he just needs some means of both initiating and escaping.

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How about it something where the cooldown is turned into 10 seconds while ulting? Character uniqueness is quite important

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