Characters & Moba e-sports elements of battleborn

Hi all !! 2 simple questions since this is an hybrid Moba/shooter

25 starter + five announced on the dlc but will the roster extend even further? I mean all the characters are cool but 30 don’t seem enough if you plan to play this for the whole year or further? Also question n2 In regards to the Moba will E-sports be viable for battleborn?

Loved the beta keep up the great work this game is going to be a bomb!

The main thing I would want for a viable e-sport (and maybe the full version will have something) would be a better mini-map or top down view so you can easily follow what is going on.

I imagine more characters will come as long as the game thrives.

Agree on the mini map… Just feels though that for the longevity 30 characters ain’t going to cut it, I really hope for a big roaster like LoL or smite, I would literally stop playing those and make battleborn my go to moba

LoL didn’t have 100 characters on launch. They added a few at a time over 7 years.

I guess we will have to wait and see how the game turns out, wonder if they can confirm my questions… Also what you think of the skins they are just colour changes I didn’t see them all do you thing they will have re-worked skins?

Just double-checked and LoL started with 40, so more champions, but fewer play modes.

I heard that there are three different ‘kinds’ of skins, and in the beta we were only given access to the color change ones.

Sweet so there might be exclusives then looking forward to May 3 what will u play on console or pc?

I do all my FPS on XB1, I am not very good with a mouse, and it is easier to use the console with a sleeping baby on my chest.

I’m on ps4 that’s a shame would have been nice playing a game with you , you have been very helpful so thank you, enjoy battleborn if cross play is ever going to happen will see u in game if not then have fun and enjoy this great game :grin:

I had to choose and I liked the exclusive franchises on Xbox better, but then they didn’t release a real Fable and took out the couch co-op on Halo making it less important. Backwards compatibility is still good though.

I disagree about the 30 not cutting it, i could play 2 or 3 for at least a year without getting bored. Not to mention every character i played i still had fun in game :slight_smile:


Pfft, not when I played it. Vlad was one of the first new additions, and there were no where near 40 when I played it.

Those numbers were for the ‘official’ release, there was a long period of pre-release testing that actually started with like 17 or so.

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It doesn’t?! I could spend maybe a month with each character.

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Smite and LOL had around 40 characters when they officially released. And they are straight MOBAs, not a blend of FPS and MOBA ideas. 30 Battleborn is a huge roster to start with and play around with. Battleborn is not a MOBA so basing your assumptions as such is a bad idea.

Gearbox and 2K want to support Battleborn Esports. It is up to the community to show them they want it by supporting community ran tournaments and joining these tournaments.

As well, Gearbox is hard at work at creating a spectator mode that can be used during Tournament play.

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I’d play in them, but I also suck.

only one way to get better :slight_smile: