Characters moving at half speed

The second account on my PS4 has half of the movement speed that it should. Even with a breakneck banshee and rough rider, the character moves the same speed as a character on my account. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Did you co-op with the second account at all? If so, did you have anyone drop random goodies in your game? If that’s the case, you might want to check such items carefully to make sure they are actual valid in-game items. There are some unscrupulous folks out there.

If that’s not the case, then check where the second account save files are - if that account is running off some secondary external storage, that might also be the issue.

The only other person the account has been co opped with is me. It’s not a live account. And the storage is on the PS4 itself. It’s not a super huge issue. More of an annoyance taking longer to get places.

Not sure then. Other than checking the in-game options menus on both accounts separately (not split screen mode) and making sure that there’s no weirdness with the FOV settings, I have no idea why they two would be different. Oh, and checking that your skill spec is the same - a siren with 5/5 Fleet on one account but not the other would probably move faster.

Yeah I have no clue, they’re the exact same builds, same fov too. Thanks anyhow.

Never mind, it was the fov. Thanks a lot! Didn’t think it would be so drastic.

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