Characters that have fallen out of favor

For once, a topic not about Mellka. Mark this day.

I’ve noticed that, quietly but surely, a few Battleborn have lapsed into neglect and obscurity. The most prominent examples:

Thorn. This is especially striking because she used to be one of the most complained about characters - for a time, her reputation on these boards was comparable to Benedict/Boldur’s reputation now. But after the nerfs to Blight and the adjustment to volley, I almost never see her.

Oscar Mike. Post-napalm nerf, he’s rarely in games, and I’m not surprised in the slightest. Yet he used to be one of the most common sights, especially in Incursion.

Marquis. Maybe he’s more prominent on PC, but I don’t see him much on console anymore. Toby is much more common nowadays - perhaps because, since the lore was made easier, many more people have access to Double Hug?

ISIC. He was always a bit uncommon, but he’s an endangered species now.

El Dragon. But we’ve all been over that.

On the flip side: I am seeing way more Kelvins than I ever used to before. And Benedict is now in every single game. Deande is also much more common now. Shayne’s buffs also seem to have made her popular, but Caldarius and especially Mellka sightings are way down.

For all that Boldur is powerful, he’s also quite uncommon.

So are these trends just me imagining things, or have other people noticed the same?


The EXACT same case for me, but go figure, right? We play on the same platform. I personally haven’t seen a Reyna in a while either.

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Big Daddy Atti and WF are characters I rarely see.

Reyna, Attikus and Whiskey were always kinda uncommon, though I agree, there aren’t too many around.

What is weird is never seeing Thorn or Mike. When’s the last time anyone worried about an Air Strike?


Yesterday while I was playing with a friend, we ran into this one Mike that kept bombing us from behind. Especially our Toby. I forgot how much damage an Air Strike could do.


Ya Reyna is the least picked support lately that I’ve noticed. So I’ve been using her again, bc she’s awesome.

On a side note, she’s also the support that gets complained about the most if your team is losing. I’ve only really had people be rude to me twice, both times as Reyna, bc apparently I suck if I can’t throw a shield on that person who is overextending.

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Yesterday i was literally sitting in an airstike as Toby, and was like “What the f*ck is HITTING me?!” I thought it was the enemy Ernest at first, but it wasn’t strong enough to be his launcher. This went on for four to five seconds before i realized it was the enemy OM (who was so terrible as to be not even considered in the game for me), and then it clicked, haha. Didn’t even die… Sad, right?

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On Xbox one I don’t see many OM, El Dragon, Attikus, Reyna, and Isic

I do see a decent amount of Marquis, Kelvin, Boldur and Thorn

The most overrated characters that are constantly picked are Galilea, Benedict, Orendi, Kleese Ernest and MELKA!
Specially when both teams compose of level 100+ players. This game is so lame at times :sweat:

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Mellka is constantly picked on Xbox? That’s some alternate universe level stuff right there…!


I don’t think I’ve played against another Attikus more than 3 or 4 times… in over 1,000 matches in this game.

And there seems to be quite a bit less Raths lately as well.


Just kidding! I added her to see what you would say haha.

She is not picked as often as those other characters. She’s selected a decent amount of times though.

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She’s my favorite character to play against (yeah @Nemosis327 @Deande, I said it), and I can play for five hours and be lucky to see even one. :frowning:

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Come to think of it, though I play a bit of Atti myself, I never have had an Attikus vs Attikus duel.

That’s nothing new, though. Poor big fella.

Change platforms and you’ll be close to paradise. Most players that play Melka are not good though. They are easy to catch and kill.

Those that are great with her make me dizzy as a melee character. They constantly bounce around that it’s almost impossible to keep track of her at a close distance.

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Attikus duels are a good bit of fun, but it’s generally a competition of who can crit and circle strafe and who can’t.

One of the few matches with Attikus vs Attikus I’ve played was 5v5 chaos rumble with everyone as Attikus.

“Looks like the end, innit?”


if we are talking about Mellka, then you know damn well I completely ignore her on the battlefield. I cant stand small targets that aren’t me. >.>
Also, if you ever chase me as Attikus again, I will find a way to spam Hawkeye >.>


Oh yeah, when I say she’s my favorite to play against, I specifically mean the good ones. The mid-air canister duel between two Mellka who have an Air Stall reflex wired directly from their controller to their spinal cord… Beautiful.

I always take great pleasure in sinking a canister on a Mell who is in mid-Spike or Lunge. It’s my way of throwing down the claw and letting them know what they’re in for. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For a while I didn’t see any other Raths out there (unless they were low ranks, since you get him in Prologue). Suddenly I’ve seen a surge of them in higher level players. Not any good ones but I am seeing more people play him.

One that hasn’t been said yet: Montana. He’s a solid choice and was in a good number of the games I played but lately the lumberjack just seems to be taking a break. I still see him a couple times a night but not nearly as often as I used to.

All of these characters are great and totally viable just not in the meta right now. Maybe we can get the devs to make some event to encourage people to play them more. I didn’t play the beta but I heard there was some sort of challenge along the lines of “if the community kills this many players, grabs this many shards, opens this many chests” everyone will unlock the Gold Skins for Shayne, Miko and Benedict.

Maybe give us a weekend challenge “If the community kills 10,000 sentries with Omega Strike” we get access to ISIC’s Cyber Skin. I know someone that would play ISIC exclusively for a weekend if it meant getting that skin.


I would guess Marquis doesn’t see as much use directly due to his damage nerfs.

He just doesn’t hit very hard anymore.


The explanation for these in particular (and Ghalt as well) are pretty simple, as their disappearance is directly linked to the resurgence of characters like Orendi, Benedict, and Galilea.

There’s portion of the community, and no small one, that exclusively play low skill floor characters. They only play the characters with the biggest returns over the lowest amount of effort. These characters ended up having adjustments made that raised their skill floor enough that they no longer had the lowest skill floor in their role, so this portion of the community moved onto those characters instead.

The people who played Ghalt now play Galilea, the people who played Thorn (and to a degree Oscar Mike) now play Orendi, the people who played Marquis now play Benedict. They have similar enough roles that one could just shift from one to the other based on which one is currently the easiest to play.

That said, I am not casting any sort of aspersions on people who play those characters now, I’m simply stating they’re some of the easiest characters to get good results with, not the easiest characters to be the best with.