Characters That Should Be Nerfed/Buffed Thread

This isnt so much a personal opinion as it is intended for the overall public opinion of who we as a whole believe should be buffed or nerfed…The list will start off empty and as we discuss characters based on community input people will be added to buff or nerf and so on so forth. Not everyone is going to agree but nothing is perfect…Just looking for the most accurate general consensus to improve the game and share our thoughts and feelings about characters. No fighting or off topic please…I will also provide the main reason a character needs to be buffed or which aspect of the character needs to be buffed or nerfed.



Ooh I made a list.

Except Phoebe, Galilea, and Ambra. Gearbox wields the nerf hammer carefully.

I believe Thorn needs an aoe damage nerf and an aoe helix reduction from 6 to 4 seconds as she is very elusive and high damaging through skills despite her arrows being hard to aim I feel they are rewarding for mastering them and should not be a reason against weakening her aoe in some form as she can clear waves extremely easily and apply an aoe slow that can be vital in killing enemy players along with a burst super that is really efficient at also clearing waves as well as enemy players in addition to taking out the entirety of a spider shield at lvl 10 in combination with her normal aoe quite easily.
That is the only character I feel strong enough about nerfing.

Kleese needs a buff of sorts in regular surviveability as he is extremely easy to burst down…The only time he is good is if he gets ahead early but I find its uncommon especially for the common playerbase for them to be able to accomplish that. I sugges raising his health as his shield strength naturally scales or some sort of buff for how he jumps in his chair as it is normally unaffective in escapes. In exchange reducing his taser damage a bit.

Whiskey Foxtrot needs a damage buff to his burst shot…Not too much as he would be too strong with some of his helix variants that end up putting him at a decent place its just too late…Giving him some sort of bas damage buff I feel would help him out finishing off characters and making him more of a threat early game as I write him off every game I see him in until he gets his super really and beyond with his grenade helixes.

Toby: He needs a change to his super I dont want to replicate marquises but toby functions very similar and some sort of powerful blast or something cool like aiming his super on the mini map within a certain range of himself would be extremely cool imo…Kinda like oscar mike but safer and would really let him hav a view of where he can provide support as opposed to a very slow pretty low dmg per second and vulnerable super he currently has.

Miko: A buff to his supers survivability…Not too much like sit in an oscar mike aoe buff but more like someone cant shoot it a few times with their normal attack and itll be of no concern in any type of team fight. I know ideally you put it somewhere hidden as a mid game life support but its just not good enough.

Benedict needs a survivability buff, or he needs to have base rocket aoe size increased slightly. Or even rocket travel speed would be beneficial. He just needs something, I’ve played most of the characters and Benedict has a lot of potential, but he has something holding him back. He’s by no means a bad character, but when other characters can put out 2000+ damage in a matter of seconds with little to no skill, it really puts into perspective how much needs to go right just got Benedict to burst down a target compared to other battleborn

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yeah I occasionally see him go off but not enough so to where I feel his at par with other characters…But he does have so much potential that a misplaced buff can throw him to being really really strong and that would be a bad fiasco.

I agree. His mobility is stellar, and his ability to shard farm and build more quickly than any other battleborn is stellar. I can completely agree and understand why it could be a bad idea to touch him. It’s just frustrating to be sneezed at by someone’s fire and forget skill and go from 100% to 0%, and then revive and have all of your rockets whiff.

yeah. All in all Im for a buff on him Im just not even sure myself exactly what I would be comftorable with. Hopefully this thread gets more attention as I dont want to start adding things to the list until I get some more input.

I agree with your proposed changes to kleese. A small health upgrade could help him out. He’s in a pretty good place though, his current damage is actually really respectable. K/d doesn’t matter, but I typically lead in kills as kleese. He really needs to just hang back and support the team with shields and mortars. Be smart with shield placement

yeah, I try to base my suggestions off the median of players as some people will speak from personal experience which I definitely dont feel is the way to go to base for a nerf (not saying youre doing that) and I also dont like to take it from the best of the best even though that does have to be considered as a buff to an alright character with people who are pretty good with them already can be dangerous.

Nerf Alani more. She out-damages me as most heroes and she is supposed to be a support class. :-/

ISIC and Galilea are still overpowered and I know this because I have played them to death.

WF sucks so he could be buffed.

You can make a list in the original post but it would have to be on things people agree on (so probably nothing).

I think Isic is fine where he is…He could maybe go for a slight nerf in damage but very slight and I have no prob with where gali is rn. I also have no problem with where alani is but if they do nerf her it should be slightly to dps…Dont want another ambra.

No. No. No. Stop. Unless a character is completely out of balance that its presence determines the outcome of a match, no changes should be made.

You want a list ? Fine I’ll give you mine :smiley:

Alani > nerf her healing and slightly her damage output

Ambra > buff a bit her healing and give her some slow or blind.

Caldarius > could use a slight increase in damage (on his weapon)

el dragon > his ult should be faster to activate but deal less damage on basic attack once activated. It’s a risk to use it but the reward is way bigger than the risk.

Galilea > rework her “pull” helix so it doesn’t work on everyone she’s not aiming at.

Ghalt > his ultimate feels like crap to me, it looks like he deals less damage with it than with his basic attack, that could use a buff. (but I’m not really sure, that could be my aiming that s*cks hard)

Isic > he could use a minor decrease of his weapon damage

Marquis > once he has 2 or 3 specific helix he’s soooo powerful, I think he deserves a tiny nerf of his damage (not too much)

Melka > her poison damage should be toned down a bit

Miko > give her a charge for her healing like for kleese’s taser.

Orendi > buff a bit the damage of the pillar, it feels really weak

Oscar mike > rework the helix next to the napalm, nobody who knows how to play mike uses that one because it’s cr*p (and a tiny reduction of the napalm damage would be great…)

Phoebe > reduce her slow from 6 to 3 seconds.

Rath > Allow people who’re knocked up to freely move their crosshair, especially down in order to see where rath is going. There is no reason for a knockup to also stun.

Thorn > decrease slightly her damage & her AOE damage.

Toby > rework his ultimate, it’s garbage and even his lvl 10 helix are both garbage. It’s slow to use, not efficient regarding the damage, and makes you vulnerable.

Foxtrot > allow him to reload during his ultimate to stop it. His sticky nade could use a buff in damage, it’s fairly hard to aim and deal tiny damage compared to mike’s grenade which is easier to aim and deal more. (I think ?)

The ones I don’t talk about are fine in my opinion, or I never played them or experienced too much against them.

Given the prevailing opinion of him in other threads, and his own forum, I am surprised that no one is calling for an Attikus buff.

He probably needs his early-game smoothed out, and a rework on his charge system. It’s a bit screwy when you’re discouraged from using your abilities because you want to save the 5-charge for his ult.

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orendi definitely doesnt need to be touched…the only reason would be to lower ult damage as it can easily hit 1k plus just ruining people out of nowhere with a large hitbox + range.
Gali doesnt need to be touched…
Ghalts ult has people complaining because its inaccurate at times youre not the only one but I feel like its still great because you are able to put out constant fire without having to reload for a longer period of time as well as reloading your clip automatically if it was empty when you started, I dont use it for straight damage but more so for finishing off running enemies or just needing more consistent damage for my engage as opposed to having to reload inbetween.

Umm… As much as I would love this as a current Orendi main, her pillar absolutely does not need a buff, like at all. It’s pretttty strong. I use 11.2% skill damage from gear also. It combos almost infinitely with right side 4? (Encore) and if you pick right side lvl 10 helix.
Pillar, pillar, nullify, pillar, pillar, paradigm, pillar, pillar, nullify, pillar, pillar. It’s uhh really good :wink:

Or you can just pick her character lvl 12 mutation and wreck all the battleborns haha (with paradigm that is)

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You’ve been playing Bizarro Battleborn, it seems :wink:

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I would like to add deande to the buff list…She doesnt need much as tactical playing you can do well…Its mostly her super I guess taht is lacking at times but when used properly it can be great too…I just wish it had invincibility frames I guess.

Not so much a buff or nerf convo, but ice wall for kelvin is iffy. He’s my number one battleborn choice, and I still don’t quite understand the aiming because it’s so inconsistent. I feel like there’s a base range and other times it feels like there isn’t. I could aim directly in front of me and it will still appear ten feet away. If this is intended then it needs to be indicated in the tool tip or possible show up red where it can’t be placed. It’s honestly my least favorite ultimate