Characters that you love in PVP but not PVE, and vice versa

I consider Mellka my main in PVP, and the majority of my playtime is with her… it’s the most fun I can have with my clothes on. Yet I rarely bring her into PVE, where I find her a little underwhelming (sorry, pissed-off-Eldrid. I still love you.) Her superb mobility, venom harassment and scouting/skirmishing potential just doesn’t gel with the massive nuclear assault that is the average story mission. She’s decent, sure, but Claw Lunge in PVE is just kinda “there.”

Conversely, I’ve taken to using Phoebe exclusively for story queuing. With a full DPS loadout and a healthy sense of adventure, she’s insanely fun and effective: nothing satisfies like a rapier thrust into those squinty little Thrall faces! She can dance around bosses and major enemies, quicky wipe packs with her skills and her AE mutation, and her Blade Rush becomes pretty effective. Yet in PVP, I find playing her to be a cautious, methodical, nerve wracking job - forget gleefully wading through inferior opponents, the task becomes instead to creep up on a wounded squishy, flail at them wildly, and maybe get away with a few health left. Very, very different style of play.

Meanwhile, I love Ambra in either mode. Her wave clearing abilities are the same, and let’s face it, both Thralls and Battleborn alike really do need to wash their filthy hands.

How about you guys?


As someone who also has a major (crush) love for Mellka, I like to use her exclusively for Capture (specifically Outback where she can leap from Point A to Point B and back again), and on a lucky day, I can even bring her into Inclusion and Meltdown. She’s too good and her nimble and agile movements makes it so easy to get around a map without too much hassle.

And even though I like to use Alani as an alternative, she’s practically useless in PVP. I’ve had very little luck winning anything in any map, with Coldsnap and sometimes Temples and Echelon being an exception (I admit I’m not the best player in the world – I prefer having a death wish). But in PVE (story mode), Alani is someone I like to use a lot, even if she’s maxed out.

I used to use Caldarius exclusively, and he could do really well in either, but once you use Mellka, there’s no going back.

That being said, I am looking to master other characters, so who knows, I might find somebody else. At the moment, I’m trying my luck with Kleese, as I can see him as a character who could do really well in maps such as Capture and Inclusion.

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In PVE I tried so hard with Rath but just find him so meh. I got him to 10 so I know he its not a knee jerk reaction to not liking him in PVE. I’m always going down and feel like a burden to the rest of the group instead of feeling like a daywalker tearing through his enemies. In PVP I feel much better with Rath because I wait patiently for the enemy to go to deep into our side and run em down.

The opposite side I find myself as Attikus in PVP is just bad…bad. I get recked and its no bueno. Oh look an orendi is next to our sentry I will crush you. Nope too slow watch as the orendi runs away backwards pummeling me. Ahh a Marquis and he hasn’t spotted me, YAHH get some! Nope slow bubble into head shots for days. Sigh. But in PVE I go all in on healing and I am in the face of everything. Put on the heliophage goggles and blind Thrall Bonecrushers and take no hits. Much better experience.

Love Kelvin for PVP. I stun so many people then chomp them to death and ground pound them to death for my team

But in PVE it is very sucky to play a lot of levels due to ranged enemies basically killing you before you run up to them and sublimate in PVE is meh and his ultimate in PVE is useless. Plus things that you have to hit a certain way (guys with shields or sentinels and stuff) are really hard to hit with Kelvin and it feels like I’m just “there” as a player instead of adding and helping my team


I like Marquis in PVE, but find him utterly worthless in PVP. This is probably because I main melee’s and find it insanely easy to such him down. You don’t even have to kill him to make him worthless either, it’s great.

I also find most melee’s bad in PVE sans Deande, but will play almost everyone in PVP.

Hmm, I really enjoy playing Attikus and Kleese in PvE, but absolutely loathe them in PvP.

Not sure who I like in PvP over PvE, I think anyone can work in PvE… Maybe Miko. Healing as Miko is much more rewarding in PvP. And usually when I play PvE I play Solo since I mainly just do Legendary runs or grind for Lore.

I’ve only played through the Experiment with Kelvin and think he shines in that one. Why, you ask?
Well, Antem is my true nemesis and Kelvin wrecks him. Can’t use your artillery if you’re stunned, huh?

Also, I can get over 10k health in a single PvE match… Maybe not that useful, but sure does look nice.

I love Isic in PVP and loathe him in PVE.

By ability, and how it feels in each mode to use that ability.

Energy Aegis
In PVE: This is unnecessary.
In PVP: This is what they mean by TANK!

Plasma Dash
In PVE: What do I have to kill to unlock the lore?
In PVP: Stunnage by the tonnage!

Omega Strike (ultimate)
In PVE: Did I just put on easymode?
In PVP: This is so dangerous, if these guys don’t cover me I am going to get stomped so hard.

I love Phoebe in PVE and Loathe her in PVP.

By ability: and how it feels to use each ability

In PVE: This does so much damage to tight groups.
In PVP: Phase Distortion is so powerful… Why does no one shoot the %$#@ thumper turret?

Blade Rush:
In PVE: Close range lieutenant melter.
In PVP: You took away my stun for a crappy conditional silence?

Blade Cascade:
In PVE: Just put me at the top of the damage chart.
In PVP: Why is my team minion starving me? I just want my ultimate!


lol everything you said is so true. I like how you listed it by ability PVE/PVP

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I don’t like Montana in PvP as much in PvE. Out of all the characters I play regularly in PvP, not only do I have the highest amount of loses as Montana, I have more loses than wins as him. Now I only play Montana in PvP if we have 2 supports or a support and another defender on the team so I’m not the only big target.

Benedict; his mobility makes it fun to get around the map and get the drop on people in PvP.

However he’s utterly worthless in PvE, low survivability, zero utility, low damage.
The amount of time it takes Benedict to shoot his rockets, a Thorn can facemelt a boss by herself.