Characters tips/stats Implementation

Hiya! I’ve had an idea for a while that I believe would help optimize learning characters. On a character page, of course we see their talents, passive, skills and what type of character they are (attacker, agile, pusher etc) but I think it would be helpful to include tactics that are useful for each character. For instance, experienced Deande players have learned the ultimate survival power of her flying kick, which new players don’t know about to make up for her slow movement speed if Holotwin is on cooldown. The discovery and usage of this obscure and wonderful gem has changed the tide of battle for me on countless occasions. It is a game changer and makes her seem more diverse. Same for Melkas slide, although less stressed here since her skills already provide extreme mobility. Anyway, it would also be a great aid to have tips on the functionality of skills, sort of a when to use them, how to use them, etc. Just tid bits not a full on guide of course. Also for more advanced players it would be great to see each Battleborn’s starting stats and scaling per level. Mainly how much damage their auto attacks do, starting health, and perhaps skill scaling. But that last one isn’t so necessary considering we can look at it in combat. But it would be nice to compare character stats without having to refer to the “battleborn bible”. Thoughts?


I think having a separate section of each Battleborn page with specifics would be nice


Hey man you’re not good at melka if you don’t slide.

lol I wouldn’t know, I’m team DD (Deande). But yeah new players or even mid tier folks don’t know about this gold! Share the gold!

Right on. Are there any characters you think need specifics in particular?

Probably Boldur
Alani (you’d be surprised)
Attikus (not a tank)
A lifesteal explanation, and what gear interacts
Differences between various shield stats
Shield pen and and what it does
Ditto for recoil (not accuracy improver)

Ooo good ones, especially that lifesteal. An explanation for healing received vs power and what they specifically affect would be nice too.

Between the slide kick and air stall, Mellka’s quick melee is one of the best movement skills in the game, haha

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Attikus is a tank though, just not early game

OK, really tanky disruptor

Eh, if he was a tank he wouldn’t have the strongest aa in the game

That is only with helix choices,he is still a tank late game, especially if you take unstoppable

Agree to disagree

Ok, also while I mostly take swift strikes, is it really true open unstoppable is “just” a crutch, because personally when I have attackspeed I will sometimes use it depending on the other comp

Numbers wise, it’s quite inferior. You can match unstoppable with gear, while Swift strikes would take 2 and a half attack speed gear to match. Idk about it being a crutch though

I’ve always used it with benedict, ernest or marquis on the team

I remember when deande could fly