Characters we want to see playable from Battleborn Lore

I’ll kick this off and maybe, hopefully, possibly (come Gearbox, don’t let me down) we will see them.

Nova - Robot suit, Robot suit, WEEEEEEEEE
Lavamancer - From El Dragon’s Lore, she sounds fun plus she has Lava in her name.

I don’t have much lore unlocked for others so post your desires. I am hoping there are more cool characters mentioned in the lore that sound cool


Play style?

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nova for sure, Rendain would be cool but it would make no sense since he is the main antagonist

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In the echelon incursion level. The statues of the hooded armor guys. They look badass!

I want to play as a minion.


Definitely want Nova to be playable.

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A minion, :slight_smile: which type?

I could definitely see one of those larger ones being playable

Who’s lore is this? I need this

Dr. Fist is referenced in a Legendary healing item.

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I want to play as Geoff. That would be amazing.


NOVA? UPR Support? NOVA? UPR Support? :smiley:

I’d like to play one of those flying robot minions. Every time I don’t take them serious they destroy me.

I´d like to see a Lorrian. Its said they are ugly, orange and have many limbs…I wonder what creatures they are.

Yes, a Lorian. One of the lore challenges would have to be him and Miko.

Also, a guardian. I’d love to play as a guardian.

Something Varelsi, too, I just don’t know which one, yet.

I’m kinda surprised no one has said Empress Lenore yet. I’m hoping that will be one of the 5 characters. and then yes, of course…“Kleese, robot suit, kleese”

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Dude, minions are very threatening, no lie. I would f sheet up as a minion. A little one. The smallest cutest ones.

Would be awesome to have a Varelsi Battleborn faction, considering Isic’s dialogue in The Algorithm.

And also, Geoff returning/rebuilt as the true Arachnis, The Lord of Spiders.


Wolfy reborn as version 2.0

Knock knock fellas, I’m dumb as hell and thirsting for death!

Granted the mechanical frame would have to be drastically different but I did like that AI

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How about a Geoff/Wolf/Chronicle hybrid al la Motorhead from Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC?

the magna carta. i gotta know more about that guy :V