Characters with mobility as a focal point

With characters like Benedict and Caldarius, I’ve been slightly bewildered on how to use Liftoff and Caldarius’ passive, especially when it comes to helix choices. Trying Benedict for the first time and immediately having to change one of his skills so fundamentally was a tad overwhelming. So could someone expand on how to use their mobility to the fullest? These are the last non-melee characters I’m having difficulty at least doing well with.

Well, I don’t play a ton of caldarius, or much, but I’ve mastered beneedict (by that I mean got the title, I’m not trying to brag skill here)

When playing benedict, it is all about staying in the sky, well, kinda. The trick is to move up and down and keep the nemy confused. So, sometimes I’ll use liftoff to get high and shoot, then activate hawkeye (which makes you stopp gliding) and fire, target, and doublejump while firing homing rockets. When you are in the air, try to glide a little bit every time (at least) and jump over aoes like napalm and thorn’s whatever it’s called.

If you’re looking for helix suggestions, wheen it comes to mobility, being faster is almost always better. For his 3 jump vs faster glide, i take the faster glide (or divebomb, the third option, but that’s a little complicated-ish) for push away vs slow enemies, I choose slow (push away makes them more aware that you liftoffed) it’s all about being a step ahead of them movement wise in terms of mobility.

Benedict is great at just impaling people with rockets though, and thats really the key. Fire rockets, and reload when you aren’t able to shoot people. Or reload right after the shot during the 1 second interval between shots (considered an exploit, I use it sometimes but not all of the time)

I spammed the heck out of Cald to get Master of Caldarius (with a disappointingly blue picture…), so I’ll try to answer the other half of your question.

Cald’s double jump is undoubtedly an integral part of his kit. If you plan on playing him often, your finger will be glued on that jump key half of the time, because you want to use it as often as you can in combat. Everyone in the game has to aim, so being able to dash every second or two gives you an instant advantage that can win you fights you shouldn’t be able to by a wide margin. It’s especially useful if you can predict incoming skills- if you see Gali raise her shield, she’s about to throw it; delay your jump until just after she does. Sideways jumps are more valuable than upwards jumps 99% of the time; although going up will occasionally get you over a small ledge, it’s usually not worth the time.

Cald doesn’t really have much in the way of mobility helixes, especially out of level 5. When you reach level 5, assess the situation: if you’re having an easy time and are pretty ahead, and especially if the other team doesn’t have many powerful, must-dodge abilities, grab yourself the mutation for blade lifesteal. If you’re more comfortable, or if the enemy team is something Rath, Gali, Alani, OM, and Ghalt, grab the Improved Thrusters for easier dodging. Never get the high jump, at least in pvp, as it doesn’t really get you anywhere you want to go. As for other helixes, at level 3 I take movespeed after an ability so that I can chase people after I dash in, but both helixes are honestly great choices and if you’re going for Shard Farm Simulator 2016, I’d recommend sprint speed. The only other real mobility helixes are Exit Strategy and Gravitic Stabilizers, neither of which are, in my opinion, worth it over their alternatives.

Cald’s dashing takes a little practice to nail down, but the best way to do it is honestly just to spam it in every fight you get into. It doesn’t have a cooldown, so might as well.

Benedict and Caldarius fill different playstyles, and I wouldn’t really categorize Benedict as an incredibly mobile character.

Benedict is more like a high ground character. His attacks are best utilized when he’s on a high ground and his passive allows him to do this with impunity. That said, he’s really a glass cannon as he has no real means to dodge incoming fire on the fly. I typically think of him as more a sniper character than anything else, or an artillery character.

Caldarius is pretty much more of a mobile character. You basically come around and flank enemies. You don’t directly confront them, instead you use your speed to do favorable trades. You whittle people down with TMP a bit, go in for some good hits and run a bit of interference. Caldarius is really good for picking off stragglers and keeping pressure on enemies with his mobility.

Hopefully this helps with getting a feel for both their playstyles. Admittedly, I play Caldarius more than anything else, so you can take my opinion about Benedict with a grain of salt.

Good to know. Seth’s point about sniping makes sense because I rarely see him in battle, and I was trying to use him as a mid ranged wave clear/brawler. And it looks like I’ll have to get better at moving while shooting.