Characters you see BANNED most often?

The clear number one winner for some strange reason is Pendles. :dizzy_face:

Second would be beatrix…third gal, fourth benedick.

OK, your turn!

I haven’t tried it out yet.

Not a fan of banning characters. (Id go into why but, its off topic.)

I’d assume the ones that get banned are the ones people complain about the most. The ones you mentioned, Boldur?
I hear about Toby a lot, which is weird.

See…the only thing ive ever heard complained about pendles in incursion is that he is irrelevant in incursion. and that he has the hardest counters in the entire game.

Deande got banned on my team. I was confused. I’d ban Galilea just because she’s boring

In my experience on Xbox, it has been Beatrix & Orendi, followed by Ernest, Gali, Miko, and Benedict

Bene kleese ambra and orendi most often banned

I’m guessing you see even less pendles (sad face)

I’ve yet to play it. Yeah, I just don’t like the idea of banning characters, even one’s that piss me off. “Eyes Benedict and Boldur in the corner”

This attitude is why I hate banning characters.

Some people really like her…TOO BAD

Benedict and Rath for some reason

I’ve just played against her so often, I wanna fight more ISICs and Toby’s

Fight me… And @lolattheseforums… AT THE SAME TIME!!

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A lot of people ban Toby because he’s unquestionably the best waveclear in the game, particularly since the Ernest nerf. Denying your opponents important roles is part of the draft meta. I see Orendi, Ernest, Kelvin, and Galilea bans the most, the former for waveclear and raw DPS potential and the latter for supreme CC control and pushing capability.

Also quite common are target bans, where if a certain enemy player is good enough at a character, you ban it to deny them that resource. Patmaweeny, for example, often gets ISIC banned out from under him when I play with him.

Can I be Whiskey Foxtrot and Phoebe at the same time? Cuz then yes

Phoebskey Trotbe? I love that… guy… girl… person!

Also, yes; just no Beatrix.


Try dictating what gender Mellka’s voice, personality, and kit inside of Attikus’ model would be

Okay; i like a challenge… At the risk of inciting @EdenSophia’s “rath” (@blainebrossart1? Haha!), i will do so… I’ll ping ya when i come up with somethin.

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Already incited tbqh


Go on try, to kill me. Haha, I f*cking dare you.


I see “mains” get banned more often than anyone else. Small community on PS4 means an even smaller competitive community and target bans are quite common. I went against a premade last night as Kelvin (we needed some push power) and when I went against them again they banned Kelvin on me. Little did they know, I was willing to break out my Boldur on them for banning my third main and picking my second.