Characters You Use The Most?

Simple question.

Which characters do you use / enjoy using the most?


Which have you mastered?

Do you have a bunch of characters at various levels or a smaller number that you have specialized in using?

For me, I have tried most characters except I think ISIC, KLEESE, Pendles and Alani.

Ive got a pretty decent spread of characters at level 2 or 3, Miko and Benedict at 6 or 7, Montana at 14, Orendi and Oscar Mike at 13, Thorn and Rath at 15 and SO CLOSE TO MASTERED, and Galilea at 15 mastered.

For the first couple months i played mainly as Galilea and Rath, then heavy on Thorn for a while, and started leveling Orendi, OM, Benedict and Montana during this most recent double XP event.

I really like the lone wolf (OR group support!) multitalented feel of Gali and Thorn.

Thorn VERY quickly became my all time fave.

Rath is a deadly combined blender and lawnmower.

Oscar Mike is solid and has interesting tactics to utilize.

Orendi is amazing chaos.

Montana…well, what can I say? Much fun, lots of laughs!

Looking forward to your replies!

For me El Dragon is tops. Combination of how fun he is to play plus his character design. I think he’s the most fun and the most funny.

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character i use the most and love hands down is ambra for her versatility which i adore, also i like playing support beacause i like being able to do something to keep my teammates up.

i’ve mastered her, deande, phoebe, galilea, and orendi i try to be flexible enough to give what my team needs [even though four of those charas are melee, don’t know why i just prefer melee]

currently working on reyna and alani

was working on benedict but after the patch, i feel dirty using him

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My first master was el dragon and he is my love. The absolute destruction this guy brings is just tops.

I really enjoyed playing Miko and still prolly do but I am a more combat oriented Miko( I healed but just not when people where diving in. I still healed people retreating from the front or who were backing out of a too deep dive) throwing Kunai at level 7 with as gear on is fantastic. Those things can hurt people

Love Reyna cause she was a character that took out other characters I really didn’t like(i.e. Melka bene and dis positioning people like ghalt) with her homing plasma

My love for Montana is almost as deep as dragon tbh. I picked him up cause I was much better than what I was at the start of the game and I understood him as a hard counter to el dragon

Oscar mike is simplistically awesome. Always have fun as him

En route to mastering whiskey. He is awesome fun once you get a feel for him and what to do with him. His legend is soooooooo amazing for him

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Caldarius, his design and playstyle appeal to me.
I prefer not to chance character too often since it can take a while to adapt to their certain style of play.
However I loved ISIC in the Beta, can’t play him now for some reason, his wards does barely work nowadays, it feels like it at least.

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Reyna without a doubt! I really love beeing the support so she’s the perfect choice.

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Thorn: Ironically, She was my least favorite character in the Beta, with Phoebe as my favorite. For some reason, they’ve switched- I can’t play Phoebe anymore to save my life, and now Thorn is my best character.
Galilea: If I absolutely have to play a Brawler, than Galilea every time.
Mellka: Mel is probably my favorite, despite the fact I haven’t played her nearly as much as Thorn; mostly because I get lots of comps composed entirely of assassins, and it irks me to have too many of the same time. I do love her in PvE, though.

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Thorn, just Thorn. I have a fetish for archers. Elven archers are just a bonus for me.

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“Go ahead, call me ‘space elf’ ONE more time!”

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I have almost everyone past lvl 9. Except Phoebe, Toby and Isic since as a melee player I absolutely hate them with a passion. I played like 40 games or so of Phoebe in the beta so I just haven’t wanted to play her at all

I have Gali played most of everyone yet Rath is a higher level. OM is sitting at 1 game from 15.

I don’t just grind one character 24/7.

Reyna. While Miko is a close second, I just feel like she’s such a clutch life saver it’s not even funny. I’ve lost count of the number of times that OS/heal has saved team mates or her ult has literally prevented the loss of an entire minion wave, or protected a buildable during a key push, or gave a fleeing teammate enough of a barrier to block finishing shots off.
Plus her game play is so much more dynamic than a heal bot. She’s great at mid-range, can be spec’d to slow, finish off enemies, apply debuff’s, etc. So much fun. Almost sad she’s @ 15 already.

Isic was my favorite, until they made his wards useless and eliminated his slow cannon. I relied on them, and now they do nothing. However, I have come up with an idea on a new way to play him, so I want to try that out. I also played Caldarius a lot, but some of his abilities don’t seem to work well for me. Then I tried Melka, and I seem to do a lot better with her. I also play Kleese when I feel that I need to play a support character, and Galilea when I think that a melee character would be best.

Shadow shadow shadow shadow, fire fire fire fire.
Orendi is my main bae. Just got Master of Orendi on XBone, and got Master of Orendi super early on PC.
I was focused on Phoebe when I started playing on XBone cause I was temporarily Orendi’d out.
I like to try a mixture of characters, but my top three have to be Orendi, Alani, and Phoebe.

I will almost always play one of those.
If I’m playing with my buddy, Kelvin comes out once in awhile, though.
I’ve tried nearly every character though.

I have mastered the only 6 characters I enjoy playing as in pvp. El Dragon, Miko, Orendi, Benedict, Reyna and Galilea. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot with Gali. I really like all the funny moments I had while playing as her. Like pulling enemies from the sniper edge and seeing them confused on where to go afterwards or commiting suicide while pulling someone to die with me off the cliff.