Charge crits, maybe?

Since the aoe was removed, we should be able to crit with them now right? :smiley:
After all, the aoe, like with other characters, was the only reason it couldnt crit, right? right?
Maybe lower its damage a little, or make it so it no longer scales from attack and skill damage both. I’d love to crit with it. <3

It can crit. There are video’s floating around somewhere of @blainebrossart1 using bola’s/gauntlet with KU drones to near 1-shot characters.

It does crit. It’s just very hard to and doesn’t happen often.

I did no such thing. How dare you accuse me of abusing such a broken thing on ISIC.

I was the Kid Ultra.


*Disclaimer - This may be completely wrong. I’m trying to remember something from back in June/July and my laptop is broken, so I can’t test it in game.

It could always crit, but in my months old memory, only the main bullet of the overcharged shot could crit. Meaning that only the normal bullet inside of the overcharge shot could crit, like those ISIC fires before you release the trigger.

So say an overcharge shot is 177 damage and a normal shot is 24. The 177 to my understanding is actually 2 instances of damage, the normal 24 bullet and a splash damage of 153. So a crit on a Battleborn would look like ((24*1.5)+153) = 189, instead of the 265 you want.

And they didn’t actually remove the AoE, they just reduced the radius down to 1 or 0. You can tell this because when you shoot Thrall physical shields in PvE, you still damage them. And you actually do the full 177 damage (I think), so that means Gearbox just took the main bullet’s damage of 24 and converted it into something like (old) Benedict type splash damage.

Gearbox coding is so weird, but I love to hate it. Makes me feel like a God/scientist.

If anyone has how it actually works I’ll gladly delete my post.


A good example of how this game works, courtesy of @AncientBelgareth.

Thorn’s ult is technically a one damage bullet, that has a second instance of 500 splash damage in a massive radius. Meaning you can crit with the bullet, but not the splash. So a crit on a Battleborn you get ((1*1.5)+500) = 501.5, instead of the 750 you want.

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Thanks guys! I thought it could crit, but I played isic last night for the first time in forever and couldnt get one of the charged shots to hit so i assumed it was turned off at some point. Still, this begs the question of can we make it a normal crit multiplier? Or would that be too much?
Like in my OP id be fine tuning down the charged shots damage in various ways to compensate for skill based shots. Let isics ult be his damage dealing mode…

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