Charged hook and running quick melee

Has anyone found a good use for charged hook? It seems like at best it is used as an opening hit against buildables. Has anyone found any other good uses for it?

Also the quick melee while running is a game changer. It hits twice as hard as the primary attack and closes the distance between an enemy pretty well.

Final note/tips. Destroying large shard clusters add a charge to the passive. Also if you aim for headshots Attikus can kill Thralls solo at level 2.

Hook just needs reworking. I say make his charge expenditure on skills work link ISICs, where with a fully charged hook you can cancel it into a skill, using charges as such, and make the skill usage cancel the attack, obviously. Also, make his hook charge faster with more charges along with attack speed. Not to a spam worthy level of El Dragon’s clap, but for great use on a slowed opponent or as a sneak attack you don’t have to wait forever for.

The move is awesome but needs love, and yeah, that running melee is no joke. I think it doesn’t have any pushback either, and is incredibly fast. Almost wish there was enough tool tip(?) space to tell the player about it.