Charging on Maliwan weapons

Does any else just absolutely despise the charging requirements on all the Maliwan weapons? In Borderlands 1 and 2 they were easily my favorite weapons, particularly the smg’s . But in BO3 , i find myself actively avoiding them . The charging makes the snipers and shotguns feel terrible and often i feel like the smg’s feel nerfed compared to other manufacturers like hyperion.

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Once they’re firing, they’re pretty good. The Trevonator is a legendary Maliwan shotgun that is excellent, the Cloud Kill SMG is very good. A lot of the blue and purple stuff is good, just got to look for ones with the Charge speed increases. I agree the charging is irritating but it’s not a big deal. They still have the highest chance to cause elemental damage and also the highest DoTs

Very true , I think they just remind me too much of the old hyperion smg’s that had terrible accuracy when initially firing , but then later became pin point accurate. Never particularly cared for that gimmick.

I agree it was a big change from BL2 to BL3 to get used to this kind of change. And I hated it at the beginning. I used a Maliwan the first time a Maliwan shotgun without traying it before. The fight was fast-paced. I thought. What the F*** this gun does not shot!!!
Til I realized to charge them up and shoots, when you release the trigger.
But in the meantime I found a lot of very good Maliwan weopons. The Sellout Pistol ie. or the Recursion shotgun for long range dmg, because of her accurcy of 88% and a DoT of over 5k. at lvl 50

I love the Maliwan Weapons! On my Main Character Moze I always have at least one of them active, because Moze does extra fire damage on splash damage and especially the SMGs and Pistols are pretty strong and easy to control.
Remember that there are different mechanics: Some Shottys or Pistols only fire 1 charged shot, others fire the whole magazine if you keep holding the trigger - those shotguns are way better than those which only fire once.
Some Sniper Rifles also have different modes wheren you can keep the weapon charged until release - thats easier to control than the charge-and-fire mechanic.

Yes. I even created a thread about it…