Chat machine 🅱️roke

Same looking bug that was in character select a while ago, can only see one line at once and text is misaglined.

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Hey @reliikki – our support team can look into this for you, no problem.

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I’m sure it’ll fix itself with a restart, just infoing that it’s happening (again) I’ll send a support ticket about it too if that helps y’all :slight_smile:

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The misalignment problem had always something to do with swapping between window modes and changing resolution. Maybe just try that.

As we’re at it I may have a different chat glitch to bring to your attention. It happens continuously since the premiere and it wasn’t fixed, EVER. And ofc it was reported by me in a numerous support tickets.

It has something to do with moving text cursor to the text field’s fringes - especially with arrow keys. Whenever I’d like to, say, add some text to the front or end of the already written text, or just use arrows in an empty text field, all chat content including text cursor would simply disappear.

The simple, extemporary, fix to that would be: to fold the chat window and unfold it again. Or use the mouse cursor which isn’t very comfortable.

Is there a chance for a fix to that?

Our support team could also look into that. Same link as above. Thanks!