Chat with the Devs, those red dots in Helio

OK, curious…The mini map when you complete Helio and are back with Deande and Mellka.
This has to be the same trick as in BL2 where you teleport before Roland dies.

We killed everything, and this does happen a lot, look at the mini map below. Curious?

I don’t understand

I’m guessing he’s talking the mini map.

If i’d hazard a guess, enemies that weren’t killed on the map either above or below where that part of the map technically lies.

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I actually said mini map. :smile:

I believe they’re enemies you didn’t kill during the Rendain encounter.

There’s no way to tell vertical distance to an enemy on the minimap. Only horizontal distance. That means the islands you fight Rendain on are located either high above or high below this central room. I’ve tried to catch a glimpse by looking outside the windows but can’t spot anything. My friend seems to think they’re below the room. According to him, when you step on the pads to activate the fight during the countdown phase, the floor drops down rapidly. However, no matter how many times I’ve played this level, I never seem to pay attention once I’m standing on the pad and waiting. And can never seem to remember to pay attention either lol.

Truly is nothing left to talk about on these boards.

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R-roland d-d-dies?!?! NOOOOOOooO