Cheat : Steal inventoy

How and where to report a cheater ?

He proposed me an exchange and all my inventory was cleared

Wow, really?

That’s awful. Very poor.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot gearbox can do about it, but you could report it to Sony.

What was lost and which level?

I was 51 but I have left the game without saving and I have all recovered


at least you didn’t lose your stuff, but as for how to report someone for actually cheating ik xbox has a report system but seeing how i play my ps4 solo I dont know how to do it on playstation, avoiding all multiplayer, simply because i have not actually looked into it. not to mention the likelihood of it actually doing something is unfortunately slim, If you really wanna report someone the best way to do it would to click on their account info and see if there is a report option.

Sorry mate would love to help but thats all I got

@speedder, @zarzar_96.

Random multiplayer in any game comes with a great deal of issues. People often believe that manipulating their game for unfair advantages some how equates to “skill” or a better play experience.

What I would heavily suggest though is our Trade and Multiplayer sections. Many of the users have a built up reputation, some of which go back to Borderlands 1 (meaning they’ve been building it up for nearly half a decade).

This means that you can essentially do research on who you’re about to play with.

As I take it you got zero out of the original exchange - what were/are you exchanging/searching for?

Who knows, perhaps somebody here is willing and able to help out … :santa:

I do play with people on PC and Xbox but I am not a huge playstation fan so I don’t do multiplayer gaming on it. As for people with that stuff the forums sure are a great help, but what beats the grind for that one legendary you really want. Am I right?