Cheat way to Jungle as Boldur

Hey I just stumbled across this kinda glitchy way to get the jungle Support super quick. I can’t tell if this is actually wanted, but I think it’s super cool.

All you need to do is to use Boldur’s dash attack in the jungle to throw the enemy off the Cliff. This would also work with real players.

See for yourself:

XD Lol. Nailed it, Boldur. Beating those mercs suddenly got a lot easier. ;p I’ve also seen an Atikus do this to an enemy player.

Thanks for showing me to run far, far away from Boldur when fighting him near a cliff.

I think it’s intentional. It’s not actually that easy to land, anyway. Sometimes I can do it with Montana.

Benedict can knock both the thaills off the ledge with Liftoff.

I had a team member Whiskey Foxtrot do this as well when I helped him take out these two guys. Turned out my helped wasn’t really needed after all. I think it’s an awesome mechanic.