Cheater report (PC) - Uldfutter

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Name: Uldfutter - (private profile)
Cheat: Aimbot. Always hitting crits with Oscar Mike. It was obvious to everyone on the server.
Match ID: 20160508-6a6dfd40-bc8f-4c46-bfd2-fc4f5ed28dc5

More about Uldfutter:
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91019107
SteamID3: [U:1:182038214]
SteamID64: 76561198142303942
He already has 2 VAC bans and 1 game ban.

Gearbox: Please add a report function to the game and secure it with VAC.


Two vac bans and one game ban. Holy moly. This person doesn’t learn.

Add for cheat reports an function where experienced players can watch a replay of an reported cheater with a ego sight option. Then let them decide if the reported player cheated or not.

This way you can reduce your work and maybe give players small gifts in exchange if they voted right.

Just played against him and he was literally critting every shot with oscar mike. Like…solo burning people down in 2-3 seconds while jumping…at level 1.

Need a report function asap!

So many cheats now… Devs know whats going on?

I got another one with marquis…
Match ID: 20160516-1435746d-b03c-4948-9f45-4dea79ce2d2b

Always hitting, never missed a single shot, with almost no line of sight…

I was playing with Uldfutter last night. I was rolling Oscar Mike. He was showing off how he could 3-shot people all the time while playing Ghalt.

yay is kinda ridiculous

Please report these via Support Tickets! We need these MatchID’s.

Alright, created a ticket.

Is the zendesk the best way of sending feedback? Do the developers read the forums, or is it just a few PR people who redirect suggestions to the team?

Sorry to see this! As a console player I really hope they are on top of their anti-cheat skills.

Hey I was playing with uldfutter and yes the ghalt dose 3 shot but that is because of the build he has made, it uses the lvl 3 slug rounds for 100% accuracy while at lvl 7 he get the ability that fires 2 shells at once. and here is how the damage out put works, in one shoot gun round there is 8 pelts early game doing 23 damage per pellet at lvl 3 if you have the slug round that is 23x8 always going to the middle of the screen then if you also applies the lvl damage, at lvl 7 one round of this does 200 damage then with the both barrels blazing ability you then do 400 damage per click and this does not include any head shots and the multiplier for that is 1.5 so if he gets a head shot that 600 damage so instead of bitching about another player being better then you look at character builds and gears set and if that is not enough for you get the devs to nerf some of the ability’s

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Thank you for taking the time to explain how the build actually works, i come across a lot of people calling me a cheater, and i’m really not it’s pretty basic gameplay, Jump and shoot, Oscar Mike does have a pretty decent accuracy taking in mind hi’s high fire of rate rifle, so instead of calling people cheaters. add them and play with them for a few games, or ask them if they can share their screen on steam while they play. since if you share the screen on steam you share your Frames"Wallhacks" and your twitchy shooting “Aimbot” aswell. Hope that will clarify a few things.

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Steam informs/asks the player when someone wants to watch their game. I’m pretty sure anyone who cheats would either disallow it or disable their cheat for the duration of the stream.

Also, it was not about Ghalt. Uldfutter played as Oscar Mike and hit consecutive crits basically all the time, which was noticed by all players on my team. Unfortunately, I have no video proof of this.

By the way…

It’s interesting to see that enderhunter999 has just created their account on forums and sent the above post, which as of now is their only post on the forums. And then, four minutes later, Guldfisken replied with a kinda similar writing style - and it’s also the only post visible from this account. Both users liked the post of each other.

Picture in case the above posts are deleted:

Now, compare the avatars…

Comedy gold.

I still find it improbable that someone would set an avatar the same as on the offending Steam profile - it might be a deliberate ruse by a completely different person. Thanks for the laugh anyway, I’m going to add this to the ticket.


The problem of this is that without any anti cheat /punitive action or whatever, every time we’ll encounter a really " too good" marquis the question will be here in our mind. Is he really that good? Or just aimboting?
Several peoples on our team -including me- reported -using the link provided by ScrubEraser above- a user calld bagz. He doesn’t have a single VAC ban on steam. so maybe he’s just that good. But… Our team’s lowest level was 40, highest was 100. I 've played several times with most of those players, I know they aren’t bad player.
Yet. We were getting rekt by that Marquis alone. I tried to approach him when he left his base as Mellka, moving to avoid being hit, he was criting every shot without any problem. I use my cd to jump away and claw lunge at 45% toward my base, and right in the middle of the claw lunge, I get headshot. How should I take that.
Did I just encounter the best Marquis player ever? Right before this game, iwas merely playign solo rather than in group, and did with Mellka the highest number of kills in that game, lowest number of death and almost the highest minions kill/assists.
I don’t think I’m bad with Mellka. That guy was ten times “better” than me. That’s really possible, yes. I’m not that good for it to be impossible.
The problem is, because there are REALLY cheaters, I don’t know what to think anymore. I’d like to believe that he was just that good. I hate the idea that he may have been just cheating. My team was pretty much persuaded he was aimboting and was disgusted to lose due to that kind of behaviour.
And that’s sad. There’s probably no way to stop aimbot programs to work, but at least having reactivity from the devs on tracking aimbots would be nice to see. At least you could think that if he aimboted, he’s going to be banned.
Right now, however…

It’s honestly when you Spike on them and going around them so fast and they STILL get scoped shots in.
Played vs a Ghalt aim botter once, oh god. It’s mostly Marquises though.