Cheaters already?

My second match i noticed a marquis going ridiculus never missing one shot and snapping to people i was wondering if anyone has had a problem with them so far.

We haven’t had any reports to lead us to believe this is the case, but by all means, please upload a video if you’re able.

will do ill make sure to record next time i missed it i was kinda just mad at the fact could we possible have a report button on pc that would be great and the guy who was also has 2 vac bans already


Is this PC, or PS4, or XB1???

It seems like PC to me. Only because the request focused on a PC change here: [quote=“ergensler, post:3, topic:1386394”]
could we possible have a report button on pc

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it is possible he just played marquise through entire CTT, and beta. and just knows him well. i know a few who have completely mastered a battleborn or 2. only ever seen 1 person that was questionable on hacking. and that was the fact they never died no matter how much we pumped into them

That’s a good point. There are really skilled players out there. I thought perhaps “snapping” to people meant teleporting. Would this instead mean extremely quick aiming?

he means snap aiming. a lot of people who play FPS games on PC use high sensitivity mice, and are able to snap to another target instantly due to years of practice with the identicle wrist movement. so using someone like marquise would be instinct to them

It took me 2 minutes to check the www if there are some working cheats for BB. And as far as I can say…there are some. Especially Aim- and Wallhacks. But also NoRecoil and speedhacks seem to be there. Aimbots and Wallhacks only seem to be available by subscribers.

Well, making the Admins and GBX aware are a faster way to stop them. Hopefully they stay up on it.

Sorry to hear this but im glad theres no crossplay atm honestly "/



Another reason why I love consoles. (well ps4 at least)

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Sorry to disappoint you guys…there are also cheats for consoles…I don’t know how this works, but it seems to be real

Well there were a few youtube videos with person promoting his aimbot for BB during CTT…so given this game runs on Unreal engine, it’s quite possible there are hacks already now.
I have ran into one Marquis player who I’m 99% sure was using aimbot during open beta. So I’m curious how Gbx will deal with this overall, since this might be a new challenge to them, given how with Borderlands there was not much stress on anticheat.

There was aim assist during open beta (and still is for controllers).

Yes there was aim assist, but when you get jump on Marquis with melee char in close range and you are duking left and right and at the same time hitting him and he just scopes in and hits 4 shots in a row - that’s a bit too much for me to believe it was only aim assist.

But i cannot prove it, hence 99%. If we had replay of kill from enemies point of view that we could watch after death - then it would be a different case.

Yeah I just dealt with a marquis getting constant flick headshots. He had a recent vac ban too. Was his name azabol or something along those lines?

I’m just glad they didn’t try to mix multi platform servers. it’s unfair for controller users to play with mouse users. unlike joysticks, mice were not built for games. they were designed to quickly tap something on a screen. Although I recognize pc users are better. I also feel like they are playing less of a game when using computer accesories. Although it’s way easier to do something with mouse and keyboard on a screen. it just doesn’t feel like a game to me. I feel like I showing a PowerPoint if I heads hot someone with a yawn… way too clicky…

There are new Japanese very advanced desktop Mouse units that come with a very slick AI controlled background script that learns as you use it in games. Apparently it spots Crits the same way your eyes do.

I saw that too. The guy never got any healthdamage and stayed level two the entire match (on ps4).
I’m thinking it is just a glitch. I spawned invisible in bf3 once and everyone said I was hacking or cheating while I did nothing of the sort.